My dressed up wine bottle

Here are the pictures of my dressed up wine bottle. I have a friend who is a bartender and wine lover, that I plan to give this to - hopefully she will like it! Please ignore my messy desk (I’m at work!) in the background :blush:

I got the hat pattern here (basic hat)

The mitten pattern was an adaptation of this pattern (which is the larger pair of mittens) but it was a little too large for the rest of the pieces, so I skinnied it down a bit

The scarf is just plain ole garter stitch!

:roflhard: [COLOR="#300090"]I love it! I predict it will be the best gift of the season!


Oh how adorable! I’m crocheting a wine bottle cover right now myself. It’s very quick and easy. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a wine bag again!

That’s going to be my next wine bottle endevor! :clink:

Too cute! I love those little mittens! Your friend will surely like it.

Very cute, love the mittens.

Now THAT is unique! Love it.


That is adorable!! Great job

those are completely ADORABLE!! I love it!!