My Dream Last Night!

So last night I dreamt about two things:

Chocolate and knitting!!![size=7][/size]

It was a beautiful, beautiful dream … :heart: :heart: :heart:

My husband thinks I’ve officially gone off the deep end!


Wow, what a dream! I had my very first dream about yarn last night - I’m very surprised this hasn’t happened sooner, but I’ll take what I can get. All I remember about this dream is that I happened to wander into this place filled with beautiful hand-dyed yarns.

Im keeping the details of my most recent knitting dream off the general forum. :eyebrow: :oops:

Its in my blog thread, if you are feeling ambitious and/or curious!

I joke that I look at yarn online the way some people look at porn! :roflhard: :roflhard:


I do the same thing!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

KK raises hand, too

Mmmmm… chocolate! And yarn! :inlove:

DH is upstairs right now makin a chocolate chunk pecan pie!! :inlove:

Kelly that sounds so yummy. Recipe please???


He got it from the Chicago Tribune… HERE. We haven’t tasted it yet…they are still baking. Ill give ya a full review tomorrow! :roflhard:

Totally OT but when I saw your pos count KK (7777) I had only glanced at it and I swear I saw ??? for your post count. I had to laugh because I thought that you had finally posted so much that you broke the counter :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ingy’s gonna break it before I do! :roflhard:

ew…Not much of a fan for chocolate here…

[size=2]hides from the choco-brains[/size]

It’s … so … beautiful … must … bid …

I can see my husband eventually barring me from LYS’s and online stores.

I have no clue what I would do with that wool/cashmere yarn, either. But who needs an occasion to purchase the stuff? :smiley:

I’m not sure if I LOVE that rust color, though … hrm …

What I need is the world’s easiest raglan pattern so that I can make myself a little something to wear. 'Cause diaper soakers and longies, while phenomenally gorgeous, are gonna get old.


:inlove: Chocolate and knitting! Oh, how nice!

I’ve had several knitting dreams. The latest: about a week ago, I awakened in the middle of the night to find my hands moving. I was purling in my sleep!.. :shock:

I am TOTALLY loving the rust color…Im not so sure about the pink paired with it, though…

IMHO, the world’s easiest patterns are by Knitting Pure & Simple. They are all worked from the top down with MIN-I-MAL finishing!

AAAAHHHhh knitting and chocolate, now that IS a knitters porn :XX: :XX: :XX:

Mmmmmmm, pie! That recipe looks tasty.

I have lots of bizarre dreams, but none of them (that I remember at least) have included knitting.

Anyone know a decent online source for these patterns?


I got mine at LYSs…