My Dr. Noticed My Socks Today :oD

OK, I guess only a knitter would understand!!! I went to a Cardiologist today and he had to feel my pulse all over my body LOL! When he got down to my feet he asked if I had knitted my Rainy Day Socks myself.

What a thrill to say “YES!!!”


I love the puppy in the middle as well as the sock’s! What a cute pose :heart::heart:

I know exactly how you feel! I have been waiting for just the right outfit to wear my finished Uptown Boot socks! Cant’ wait to show them off!:yay:

It’s so hard, because you have to cover them up with shoes!!!

I have NEVER worn socks with sandals, but I’m REALLY considering it this winter! :wink:

YAY for you! Those are beautiful BTW!

Wasn’t it lovely getting them noticed by someone? I need to get working on mine! They are beautiful by the way and I love your cute little dog, in between your feet!

That’s nice that he noticed!

How cool! They look great btw and you dog is adorable!

I love it!

Now… if only we had a GP!

It is always so nice when people are observant!

How nice that he noticed…and they’re very pretty socks!

At least you weren’t having a PE…if you know what I mean :shifty:

It’s interesting that he didn’t just assume they were store bought. Something must have really caught his attention and seemed “out of the ordinary”. So neat that he noticed.

Yes, we all understand. :slight_smile:

Oh, I wanted to add… contrary to what I have read in some circles, I think socks and sandals look cool together. I do it and I am not ashamed. LOL It’s the hippie in me. I wear what I want and what is warm and comfortable.

I was at the cardiologist today too. They didn’t notice my socks though. Of course, mine weren’t cute hand knit ones like yours. :teehee:

I’d be thrilled too. That’s neat! Your socks are so pretty!

Thanks! I especially like it being noticed by a MAN!!!:teehee: Most women don’t seem very interested!

No I don’t…but I’m afraid to ask. LOL!

Oh…BTW, I was NOT knitting…so that didn’t tip him off. I suppose if I were it might have been a hint. He’s just observant I guess.

Sock noticing aside…I was glad to find a nice caring doctor which I liked. It’s so hard nowadays, some are SUCH prima donnas!!!

I would return to him even if he DIDN’T notice my socks.