MY doggie for DQ

Happy New Year everyone!
With the kind permission of my swap partner DQ i am posting a picture of the Doggie i made as part of her package.
She was made from an Aussie Jean pattern.
DQ has kindly decided to call her Rital LOL:muah:

Now that is adorable! Way too cute!:muah:

Now that is just adorable!!!

I love it!! :yay::woot::heart::woot::yay:

That is just too cute!

Hiya Rita

I’ve just posted on the New Year swap about the puppy and told DQ to be sure and keep the doors locked in case of burglars.

It’s absolutely adorable and I’m sure has made DQ’s year already!!!

Thanks for posting the photos - you just cannot help but smile :)when you see it and I just [COLOR=Red]love[/COLOR] :heart: that [COLOR=Magenta]pink hat[/COLOR].

Yours, grinning like a Cheshire Cat
the ‘Other One’.

Oh. My. Gawd. That is just the cutest doggie ever!!:inlove:

How cute!! She really makes me smile. We’ve all seen doggies who lie in this position. LOL Very beautiful feminine outfit Rita is wearing too. Love her paws.

:passedout: there are no words…just to cute!!!

That is adorable! :heart:

Just adorable! Great job, Ritaw! DQ, you lucky dog! LOL!

:inlove: :heart: :inlove: How cute is that?!

That is the cutest thing ever… I hope you do not mind but I just found her website and bought that pattern… I have to have one too…

I do not mind one bit. It is a great compliment. :slight_smile:

Simply adorable!!! As usual, your work is creative and soooo appealing! Keep up the good work.

That is so adorable!

Too too too cute! :thumbsup: I really must get into this knitting of pets!

That is so adorable!

That is so cute, I love it! :heart:

That is too sweet! What a lovely gift!