My Dog is worse than a Cat

Ok, So I have a puppy that we adopted who LOVES to floss his teeth on my yearn!!! :shock:

Is there an easy way to untangle the mess that I clean up and actually USE the yarn? I am going to have to lock it up soon, or else I will be out of business. LOL

I never found a way to rescue it. The doggies just like to chew it. I had to keep mine in tubs or up on a shelf when I had a dog. I have heard of using a squirt bottle with water in it but that didn’t really work for me because she would wait until I was out of the room to grab the yarn and run…

As unattractive as they may be I think your best bet is to go with tubs (even if it is only temporary) with a puppy around, depending on his age he could also still shed his puppy teeth for his adult teeth (which can be a pain like with human babies). You may also want to look into purchasing the fibersphere at:, it is supposed to protect your ball of yarn will you knit.

My dog stays out of the yarn. My cats, on the other hand, are nuts about it! If I don’t put it away at night I inevitably wake up to yarn tied around chairs and going down stairs and usually ending up in their litter box. Ick! I don’t want it after that. It’s only the balls they like. They leave the skeins alone. Guess they’re no fun. If my project is in a bag, they just climb in the bag to look for the ball. Little stinkers. :wink:

He’s not worse than this cat!

Thanks so much! I have an old toy chest, thanks to Daddy, that came with us when we moved, I guess I am going to have to use that and hide my yarn. LOL. Hopefully I can untangle it.

And I LOVE The picture, thats what it looks like in my house some days. LOL

That photo reminds of a very sweet lady who lives at the memory care home where my mom is.

Jenny has Alzheimers but she can crochet beautifully. She loves to make big lacy rounds.

I gave Jenny a bunch of acrylic yarn last year. All still in the packaging.

One day when I was visiting mom I saw poor Jenny surrounded by a big ol’ mess of tangled yarn…just like the photo! I tried to help her but it was truly hopeless!

I would love to set up a nannycam to see just what they do with the yarn. How do they get it wrapped around every single chair leg in the house??? I think it would be hysterical so see how they do it and who long it takes them…

That’s cool! I don’t have pets at home, but if I take my knitting to work the youngest dog will grab it to get our attention if I’m talking to MB. Thankfully he hasn’t done anything with it, but run around the room playing “keep away”. He would just grab that fibersphere and run with the needles trying to keep up with him.

I did knit in the same room with the kitties the other day – one wanted to play with the ball of yarn until I told him “no” and then he calmly came up on my lap to watch me as I knit. He is my lap buddy & I was wondering what he was thinking. The other one had an expression on her face that looked like she was using her best Persian Princess voice to say – “what do you mean no?!”

Ahh – furbabies!

Omg! I checked out the link you posted, and that’s awesome! I have a kitten who’s seven months old, and loves yarn. She has actually broken it three times. But, that’s a really cool idea. I might ask for one of those for christmas. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the link!:mrgreen: :yay:

I lost a whole skein of purple fuzzy yarn. It never turned up anywhere I was between getting it and discovering it gone.
I think my dog may have stashed it (because I never did find any chewed up yarn in the yard). I figured out that’s what might have happened when I caught him carrying off some other skeins of the same yarn, it’s fuzzy like his stuffed animals.

For the ones he drooled on I just used them and washed them after it was crocheted.
I now tie the bags I keep my yarn in.

You have to give him a stern “NO” if he even LOOKS at your knitting. That’s what I do…and believe me, I know a naughty dog. That’s Red Heart in his mouth so it was cute at the time. Oh and the 2nd photo, that’s not Cheetos, it’s OIL paint (at least the dog can accessorize for Halloween)!!!

Oh, puppy! Naughty, but their cuteness saves them.

I have a little Maltese, and sometimes I make the mistake of leaving my knitting and yarn sitting on the table next to my seat. Sometimes she leaves it alone, but sometimes I’ll either come upstairs from my room or come home and the yarn will be everywhere. One time, I caught her with it in her mouth, prancing around with the yarn streaming behind her. On one level, so freaking adorable, but on another, very upsetting. I’ve been more careful with where I leave my knitting since then.

How funny! My dog is mostly uninterested but she will lie down on the yarnball.

I have another which loves to spelunk on anything laying on the couch, so I have to make sure ad put my project in a plastic bag when I leave it unattended. :teehee:

That plastic ball is awesome! If the cat can still get in it, I’ll just tape it shut.

I’ve actually only had 2 cats out of 5 that like my yarn. But only if they could steal it. I’ve actually [I]offered[/I] them yarn and they won’t take it. Go figure. :shrug: