My dog got hurt

I’m an emotional wreck, my poor, dumb@$$ 10 year old mutt, Juneau fractured his toe today - I don;t know how, I heard him cry in the yard, carried all 51 lbs of him inside (I thought he got a thorn in his paw at first) he was in lots of pain, which made me hysterical, I couldn’t even ice his poor foot. We rushed him to a vet, they sedated him and took xrays, then splinted and casted his foot (its a cute purple spotted cast…) they gave us pain meds for him, it could take 8 weeks to heal as my dog is “old.” (he behaves like a 3 year old dog most of the time, energetic and healthy.) I’ve never had my dog get hurt like this before, I can’t stop crying.

Awww I’m sorry! I hate it when our pets get hurt. :frowning: Hope he heals faster than they think!

Also…I know your dog was hurt, but you probably shouldn’t be lifting that much weight.

I had no choice - DH was out running on his lunch break. My dog is of utmost importance to me, I probably aggravated my back carrying him up the stairs on the deck but I do not care. ETA: bear in mind I’m nearly 5’9 and not a weakling…

Aww you’re poor dog. Sending him lots of pets!

My one kitty had ripped out his claw and had to wear a cast for a week. It was just a claw and he was fine but I felt so bad. Pets are our babies.

Hope your dog has a speedy recovery.

I was hoping you weren’t going to say Juneau, why couldn’t it have been the “other” one? (Not that I’d wish it on her but she’s young and maybe being gimped up would help her focus.)

I’m really glad there was no mention of a pitbull, which was my first thought.

I always feared my hunting dog getting hurt on the job.

It’s just the anxiety of the whole situation (and probably the “soon-to-be-mommy-hormones”, too) making you cry. Juneau will be okay. It’s so hard with the fur-babies, isn’t it? They can’t tell us what’s wrong and we’re not fluent in dog (or cat). As long as that tail’s going, he thanks you and says he’ll be okay. Remember to breathe and relax. And please be careful lifting things in your preggers state.

My mom thought it was hormones, too, nuh uh…Juneau’s never been hurt before and I’m intensely attached to him (and him to me) hearing him cry out in pain was more than I could bear. Seeing his (nasty) fracture on xray put me into hysterics - my poor baby!!!

Poor baby. Always seems like such a caring dog too.

I bet that puts the kabosh on ear scratching.

Awwww! Poor baby! I hate to see any animal hurt. They don’t understand and it breaks my heart. He’s such a pretty baby! :hug:

Oh, I hate to see animals hurt. I hope he will be ok. I have a dog to and she pops her knee out all the time, just today she slammed into a fence after catching a ball and cried out in pain, I threw down everything in my hands and ran to her. She is fine now but I was soooo worried. I really am attached to her. I don’t know what everyone would do without pets. FIY: my dog is only 2 years old! and a mini australian shepard.

Aww! Poor, beautiful baby! Try to stay calm though, for both yourself and your pup…Animals (just like kids…lol) can sense when things aren’t right and that can put them on edge…It’s always so sad when an animal gets hurt!

Sorry about your dog Noob. He is a beauty. I had up to 22 sled dogs at one time and am now down to six old ones 10 to 15 yrs. It has hurt with every one lost. I had to put my 15 year old Aussie to sleep last year at 15 - she was my best friend.
Knittergirl, I would love to see a photo of your dog. If I didn’t have all these retired sled dogs I’d get another Aussie.

what a pretty boy!! Hugs for you both…

My dughter 's dachshund send your Juneau wishes to get well soon!Coal and Sugarfoot are both dachshunds but Coal is a mini black and tan, and Sugarfoot is a piebald standard

Poor fella. We’ve had a tough summer with George, our older dog. He has bladder cancer among other things. Fortunately, he seems to be a little more energetic lately. I’m due to take him to his oncologist tomorrow.

Appt with the vet today to change the splint covering…Juneau is healing faster than the vet thought he would due to his age! :slight_smile:

Excellent! :yay: