My dog caught this.......thing....anyone know what it is?

Early this morning, I was rudely woken up by the dog barking and growling. In in sleepy haze I thought he needed to go to the bathroom outside, so I go downstairs and let him out of his kennel and he starts attacking this thing in the kitchen in the dark! I had no idea what it was so I jump up on the counter and starting hollering for my husband to come down here. He gets Calvin’s head out the door and the dog drops the thing and it runs off. We all go back to bed, husband goes back to sleep but since it is getting light out I decide to get up for the day. I end up letting the dog out on the tie down and then I don’t hear from him for a while. I go to see what he is doing and there is the thing dead on the patio and he is looking quite proud of himself!

And here it is closeup.

To me it does not look like a mouse, its head is kinda like a squirrel and it has a flat furry tail, same type of fur that is all over his body. AND THIS WAS IN MY HOUSE!!??:shock::noway:

Anyone here have any idea what it is?

It looks like a meadow vole to me. My dog goes after them all the time. . . in the yard . . . not in my house, though.
Google it and see if looks like your little culprit.

Squirrel, opposum, or muskrat?

mimi, thanks but when I googled it, the head shape was not the same and the tail was too short and no hair…

sugarfunpouch, way too small for a possum and muskrat and I did think of a squirrel because of the head but I am not sure about the tail…

[B][U]O[/U][/B]possum! BTW: It definitely is squirrel. I checked. It may just have a flat tail!

I vote for squirrel, too. The others have bald tails. Good thing it wasn’t this one, or your dog could have lost a nose!!

LOL! :rofl: That’s hysterical Ingrid!

sugarfunpouch, can you provide the link, I am not sure about it being a squirrel. I have seen them around the house in the trees but they did not look like this guy…

Like I said the tail may just be flat or something. (Possibly from saliva. I know its gross, but it’s possible.)

Ok… we have no squirrels here but to me its a squirrel…just a young, thin one. Perhaps on the Weight Watcher’s program or something.


18 months ago I lived in the middle of a commercial macadamia orchard and the size of the rats! I woke one morning and could hear this padding on the veranda so I got up and looked out and this ‘thing’ turned its head and looked over its shoulder at me. I don’t think I will ever forget the sight. This rat was the size of a smaller cat…thinnish but it was huge. YUCH

LOL!!! Good one Susan P.! :rofl:

And when young their tails are not as fluffed out and yes…the dog could have twirled it around its head a few times also.

OR…its a raquill…a cross between a rat and a squirrel!

could be a chipmunk… li’l baby chipmunk. :pout:

[SIZE=1]my dog’s bloodthirsty, too.[/SIZE]

I vote squirrel, too. We get possums so I know that it absolutely couldn’t be a possum. I thought I had a picture of one, but can’t find it. Here’s one from the internet.

[B][U][COLOR=“Red”]O[/COLOR][/U][/B]possum!!! It probably is just a thin squirrel! In the picture the body, head, everything looks almost exactly the same!

It ain’t no OHpossum! :rofl: 'possum babies look exactly like mature 'possums.

edit: and it isn’t an armadillo either. :teehee:

I know!!!

and it isn’t a crocodile.

[SIZE=1]i tease. sorry.[/SIZE]

Ahem… possum is correct, too. :wink:

I know [B][U][I]I[/I][/U][/B] just said opossum! I know, I’m a geek! LOL is the only abbreviation I use!
LOL zip!