My dog broke a nail :(

Well I had an appointment yesterday to get my dogs nails trimmed. I hate doing it myself because I am scared I will cut them down too far. So on Tuesday night he was laying next to me in bed licking his front paw like crazy, I got worried and took him in the other room to have a look. His paw was bleeding, I freaked out. I have never had a dog before him and after a year and a half I couldnt live without him. I literally got sick because I was so worried. He wasnt acting hurt really he never yelped or anything. So I wrapped his paw up the best I could and kept him on my lap all night. We took him to the vet first thing yesterday and the vet looked and said his entire nail had came out and he needed antibiotics and his leg wrapped in a bandage. I thought he was going to have a hard time with it because he is so active, from the time he wakes up until we make him settle down at night he is playing ball. Infact i think thats how it happened he gets so excited he jumps down 3 or 4 steps at a time to get the ball. Anyway, he is being such a baby now! I have had to carry him all day yesterday and today. I got a pet carrier that straps in front of me to put him in while im doing dishes and stuff. He wont get down except to potty and its so sad to see him limp around on 3 legs. The vet said I can take the bandage off tomorrow and hopefully it will be healed Crossed Fingers All of this for a broken nail!!! Anyway I will shut up now but here is pictures

AWWWWWW! Poor Baby! Sending well wishes and healing vibes. He looks so sad.

the poor thing!! it must have hurt so bad!! hope he gets better soon!!

poor baby - he’ll be all better soon. I think he’s milking this for all the sympathy he can get though !!!

Poor little man! That hurt Mommy!!! Of course, now he is getting ALL the attention, but I still think it must have hurt! It hurts when I break a nail below the quick. I hope he feels better soon!

Aww the poor sweety. I had the same thing happen to my cat. I always trim his nails on wednesday, and that week I hadn’t gotten around to it. so On Friday morning after my midnights shift I sat down to trim. He always LOOOVED it. He would purrrrr purrrr all the time while I did it. That day he purred until I got to the other paw… Then the closer I got to the end of the line he would get fidgety and keep pulling away. Finally I got hold of him enough to get a good look… No nail, lots of dried blood and some litter stuck to the blood.

I freaked out too. I was sooo worried bout my little boy. My mom had always had our cats declawed, and he was all mine and I don’t believe in declawing, except in extreme cases… but anyways…

I immediately called the vet and brought him in, he got some antibiotics and wrapped up… Oh and a compliment. The vet had me hold him down while he cleaned it so he couldn’t bite… But Batty just sat there waited, pulling back a bit on his paw, but otherwise nothing… The vet said he had never had such a well behavied kitty while cleaning a wound. But that’s Batty. One of the reason’s I didn’t declaw him is because he is so docile, even still I am scratched more frequently and more severely by my declawed cats back claws.

I went to bed when we got home and remember leaving a note for my mom so she wouldn’t freak out… “Dear mom, Batty is ok. No worries. I’ll explain when I get up.” lol.

Here’s a pic of him all bandaged up… poor guy kept slapping his paw to shake it off and it just made a thumping noise. lol

I send hugs to your puppy.

Uh, yeah, that would be my guess, but doesn’t he totally deserve it???:roflhard: He’s a cutie!

Aww… poor kitty I cant imagine a cat having the bandage on! My cat would go nuts, hope hes better soon!

Aww poor kitty! My cat would freak out if she had the bandage on her leg! Hope your kitty is better soon!!

Well, I took his bandage off last night, he wouldn’t stop licking it so I had to get a cone thing to put on his head so he couldnt get to it. Today he is doing a lot better :woot: He wasnt walking on that leg at first but now he is running around like crazy!!! Thanks everyone :muah:

Your poor dog! This really upsets me. I don’t know if it was the groomer’s fault (or whoever cut his nails), but my aunt had a situation with a groomer once. She got a new dog from the SPCA and he was all matted and needed grooming badly. She took him to the vet and had him groomed and took him home. Later she noticed blood all over his white fur. The groomer had cut him several inches along his skin. He needed stitches and had to have it drained and antibiotics. Ugh, it was just awful.
Sorry for the rant…I’m glad your dog is feeling better!

Thanks and I have heard simular stories about groomers thats why I dont take my dog to one. I groom him myself and the vet trims his nails because I am scared to. Fortantly it was no ones fault, I think he just hit it the wrong way running around and it tore off. I have even heard a story about a lady who took her dog to get groomed and then he was whining every night after for like a week and she was petting him, realized his fur was hard around his ear so she got a bowl of water to soak his ear in and when she put his ear in it, his whole ear came off!! The groomer had cut his ear off and super glued it back on!! Anyway, nothing like that was the case here just a very playful puppy who got too rowdy!! Also I am sure there are a lot of good groomers out there I am just very protective of my dog and don’t want to take any chances.

love the shot of your pup he looks like he’s smiling!! hope he is fine now. what breed is he?

Thanks! He is a yorkie poo (yorkie poodle mix) and he is full grown at 5 pounds. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you take your dog to the vet to have his nails clipped.
And someone cut a dog’s EAR off??? My jaw dropped when i read that! That’s horrible! I think I’m going to have nightmares.

Glad to hear your puppy is doing better! She’s such a cutie! I have had my life threatened by my cats for trying to trim their nails. They are good kitties and only scratch in two different places (one being MY chair!) Only my oldest kitty has sharp annoying nails, but she is the one with the most vengence if I even try to trim them!

Poor little thing! I know how you feel! I have an 11 year old cocker spaniel who has really bad ear problems. Hope your baby is better soon!!!