My Denise's Broke - AGAIN!

I’m in the process of making my mom’s christmas present (log cabin blanket) and the darn stupid needle broke on me again. The piece that connects to the needle itself and the cable. (don’t know what that’s called) I called them again and she said she’s sending me a whole new set :shock:

I wasn’t expecting that, but boy am I glad they take care of you. She was so nice about it too. I was right in the middle of the row and snap!!

:gah: Am I the only person here who has this kind of luck? Remember, this is the second time its happened.

P.S. INGRID: That trick you taught me with the purling (for the intarsia) is working beautifully!! :woohoo: Thank you so much. I’ll post a picture later on…

My set had defective cords that liked to come apart as I was knitting (especially the 17" one, which was the one I used most often). I had been putting off contacting them because I thought I would have to figure which ones were bad and mail those in for replacement, but as it turned out, when I finally did contact them, they cheerfully sent me a whole new set of cords. Apparently they had a bad manufacturing run where the connector thingies were a hair too loose. I didn’t have to send the old ones back or anything. They do really stand by their product. Gotta love that! :cheering: