My decrease has left me with too few stitches!

Help! My decrease for my sock has left me with 1 stitch less than I should have. I started with 27 stitches and decreased to 19. Don’t want to rip out. Should I make one and if so where? Should have 20 and 20 on two circulare needles; have 20 and 19.

What’s the pattern?

K1, ssk, knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.

No I mean the name of the sock pattern. And did you have the correct number of stitches before you started the decreases?

It’s a sock pattern I picked up at a yarn store-- basic socks on 2 circular needles.
I believe I had an odd number of stitches before I decresed-- the pattern didn’t say how many you should have, just how many you should end up with. It wasn’t until I finished that I realized that the number was going to be wrong. It’s my first time on circulars with socks and I was concentrating too much on the new needles and not stitches. Now I have 20 stitches on the needle for the top of the foot and 19 stitches on the needle after I decresed for the arch.

Sounds like you decreased one extra time on that needle. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it.

You could add an increase in somewhere across the bottom - you won’t be able to feel it when wearing the socks. There’s no pattern on the bottom so it won’t interfear w/any pattern repeats. You can try looking closely at the line of decreases on each side to see if you see where the extra decrease is, then add the increase close to that side of the sock. Or you could frog back to it to correct. Or just undo the last decrease on the bottom of the sock - won’t be noticable that one side is one less then the other.

Or leave it as is - one stitch off isn’t going to be noticable, even if someone is scrutinizing the sock up close and personal. And honestly, how often does that happen when you’re wearing the socks?? (and if that does happen often to you…well, I’d really rather not hear about it!!)

Thanks Marilyn and Suzeeq. I can’t even find the mistake in the decrease and it looks even across the entire heel. If I add a stitch to the decrease needle and I can’t see a mistake, would you add the stitch at the beginning of the row or directly in the middle of the row? [That would be on the bottom of the foot at the heel.]