My decorative decrease looks loose

This actually happens whenever I work with cables. Whenever I have to put stitches on a cable needle and work them the work looks really messy. Is there a special way to a special needle that I have to use to make the stitches look smaller. Thanks for the advise.

Have you tried the no cable needle method of cabling?? Here is a link you may find helpful: . I, too, always had problems with loose stitches when doing cables. I found that because I was pulling and tugging on the stitches and trying to manipulate the cable needle all at the same time, that the stitches became distorted and loose, like you say. When I tried the method linked above, the problem went away. You might like to give it a try.

I always use a smaller diameter cable needle than what my project is worked with. That might keep your stitches from getting too loose.