My daughter's wedding

I’m in DC for my daughter’s wedding. Here were some of the pre-wedding photos.


:thud:WOW! Congrats!

How exciting. They’re a lovely couple. Congratulations all around.

Oh Jan, what a beautiful bride! They look like a wonderful couple. All the best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Such a beautiful bride! I hope they have many happy years together.

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Your daughter is [B]beautiful[/B] and the couple is [B]adorable[/B]!!!

My oldest married on October 4. Is that when your dd married too?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Congratulations to the happy couple and may they have many, many, many . . . . years of married bliss![/COLOR]

Yes, October 4th! Thank you and congratulations to your family as well!

Lovely girl, lovely dress. You must be so proud.

I have two of mine married off now, last one took the plunge last May. One more to go, he doesn’t want to ever have children he says.

amen to that :wink: be a good mom and don’t force the issue. they didn’t mention it all that often, but once my younger brother got married and had kids, my parents gave up on me doing the same - the clan will live on despite me. i just flat out hate the industry of ALL THINGS KID and what parents have made kids into anymore, and the excess of a planet with too many people.

my parents do still mention finding that one special person who isn’t crazy or going to divorce in 18 months, etc. but my grandma, aunts, even a few uncles, mention marriage and kids regularly, even with their bad examples (liz taylor ex-spouse numbers, kids in jail and rehab or thrice divorced themselves) and it just makes me dig in my heels even more. i have an education, a string of good jobs, am going back for more education for hopefully another good string of jobs, i have good friends, hobbies and interests beyond pipe bombs…

some of us are quite happy with fewer entanglements and no dependents. and having money to do things. and no broken stuff. and and and… :wink:

I have 3 daughters and the engaged one absolutely wants kids, the one in his post says she’s thinking about it and my si gle stepdaughter does not ever. I’ve always told them don’t have kids unless you really want them. Don’t do it for me.

There are plenty of good parents and kids. The only ones you hear about are the bad ones unfortunately which gives people a jaded view. There are countries with too many people for sure, but there’s still room for more good ones.

A lot of the things which people think they have to have we didn’t even have when having children. All these things add on to the expense. And that expense can seem overwhelming.

If good people don’t have kids, God help the world.

Agree 100%.

My engaged daughter (wedding in Sept 2015) is a 2nd grade teacher. Her fiancé is in PA (physician assistant) school. They will make great parents. :thumbsup: