My daughter wants to knit

Any tips on how to teach my 6 year old how to knit? I’ve bought her a pair of 15 size needles, and some yarn…I’ve knit while she’s holding everything and I try to get her to do it on her own, but she gets so frustrated.

I know there is some kind of little rhyme, but I don’t know what it is? Help!!!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me… :notworthy:

I’m not sure, I’ve been wanting to teach the 6 year-old I babysit how to knit (If she wants to of course). Aren’t size 15 needles a bit big for a six year-old to get her hands around? Though of course, the stitches are easier to see when they’re bigger. I wish I had some tips, but I don’t, good luck!

I figured, I’ld get the 15’s so the stitches would be easier, maybe smaller would be better?

I got some little needles for my daughter by Lion Brand, I think. They’re plastic (a little more flexible than regular plastic, I think) and they have little kitties on the ends. I think they’re size 8’s? 9’s? They worked for her pretty well. Since they’re shorter than regular needles, too, I think she had an easier time using them.

Something the my daughter’s Girl Scout troop (9-10 year olds) did was to finger crochet. I got them some brightly colored Red Heart and pony beads and they made bracelets and necklaces. Don’t know if that’s something that your daughter would like, but it gave my scouts more confidence before they moved onto needles, hooks, and yarn. :shrug:

I couldn’t really say, since I haven’t really taught any little kids. Whatever she would like, I’d think, to keep her interested.

I couldn’t really say, since I haven’t really taught any little kids. Whatever she would like, I’d think, to keep her interested.

I don’t know if this is what you mean:

[b]Purl Rhymes

In front of the fence,
Catch the goat,
Back we go,
Jump off the boat!

Under the fence,
Catch the sheep,
Back we come,
Off we leap!

Knit Rhyme

“In through the front door,
once around the back,
peek through the window,
and off jumps jack”.[/b]

I got those needles for my dd they are size 10’s, short and very easy to manipulate.

My poem is

Through the window
Around the tree
down the hole
off jumps jack

I LOVE :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: the purl poem!!! :slight_smile:

I don’t really have tips, but I can say I learned from the Boye I Taught Myself Knitting book, with #8 aluminum needles, with light blue worsted weight yarn (wool).

I think smaller needles would be easier. I taught my niece with these.

Maybe if she sat in your lap and you had your hands around hers to show her?

Amy’s videos here would be helpful! It has the pattern rythme :slight_smile:

In through the front door,
once around the back,
peek through the window,
and off jumps jack!

my little one is trying- we really like the Lion Brand size 10s for kids- short, with little kitties on the ends.

I would make sure she is using a sturdy yarn, that won’t split. (Mom gave us a stash of cotton yarn bits that are great.) Something like SImply soft might work too.

We go Veeeeeery slowly. I do a stitch or two at the beginning of the row. kid sits in lap, does a few stitches, gets bored, gets off lap, chases cat around room, gets back in lap, knits a few.

I finish the end of the row and turn the needles.

I always repeat the rhyme each time I do it and each time she does it. (we are only doing knit stitch now)

I had cast on about 20 stitches and we just go back and forth. eventually it might be a coaster for Daddy.

Patience and repetition are key. But if it doesn’t “take” let her take a break for a while (weeks, years) then try again. I had no ability or interest until after I had a kid. my Mom is a very talented knitter and was dying to teach me, but I just wasn’t ready.

Oh- also, I don’t worry about mistakes right now. if we drop or add a stitch, who cares. if the yarn is a little twisted, so what? Only if she gets it totally wrong do I worry about it. What would Dr Phil call it? Succsessive approximation. A little better every time we try. It can be hard not to want to fix her mistakes every time- but there is time for that later.

good luck!

When teaching my 7 & 8 yo dgds I found that wooden needlese worked best. The stitches didn’t slip off as easily.

I learned to knit in order to teach my then 8yodd who wanted to learn–she created a monster–lol. We purchased short, size 10 bamboo straight needles, a skein of Brown Sheep bulky yarn, and Melanie Falack’s book, Kid’s Knitting , and a Waldorf knitting book, A First Book of Knitting for Children. Dd’s first project was a garter stitch bean bag. She moved on to a small purse, animals & dolls, then a short-row garter stitch hat pattern from Knitty that she completed and currently wears. I found that quick projects kept dd’s attention better than working on a long scarf. I also taught dd how to knit in the round so she could make a Booga Bag and a tank top.

Dd’s 10 now and can do most any stitch with practice. She’s currently trying to self-learn garterlac so she can teach me. :roflhard: Have fun with your little person, and enjoy your time together.

i agree with the others–size 15 is pretty big. i think a 10 or 10.5 would be just right.

my only other tip is dont use black yarn :shrug:

For my daughter we picked smaller needless the others suggested.
I also took her with me to pick her own yarn color. Of course it was pink :teehee:
First project she did was headband and Ipod cover.

My first project was a garter stitch scarf on size 8 needles, though I did get bored with that after a while. I would suggest something simple, yet somethig a little hard, maybe like ribbing or seed stitch. I also agree with getting smaller needles, like size 10 or 10.5. Good luck!

It might help to teach her finger knitting first. My 5 yo daughter loves to make really long chains. It explains how to finger knit in the Kid’s Knitting book recommended by Compulsive.

I’ll go and get a smaller size needle for her and see if that helps. She already picked out her own yarn, so she’s happy with that choice.

I’m gonna look into those books, too. I bet she’ld love to look at it and I’m sure it’ll give me even more ideas.

Thanks for all the relpies…this site and you all are awesome!!!

I learnt on very short 4.5mm needles (still got them) when I was seven, and the rhyme I was taught was “in through the bunny hole, round the big tree, back through the bunny hole, and off jumps she”