My daughter left for college today

One of the main reasons I taught myself to knit these past couple of months is because I knew she was leaving.
I just didnt expect for it to be this hard.
I’m sure some of you can relate to what it feels like.

I know how you feel. When we dropped our daughter off the first time I cried a lot. Hang in there, it will get better! :hug::hug::hug::hug:

There’s a lot of that going around right now!!

I know it must be hard, but imagine how proud you will be at her graduation!!


I was a little sad and weepy the day she started kindergarten, proud when she went off to high school. We took her up to college and felt that she would do well and be fine. BUT…the day we sent her off to her first real job 2,500 miles away…well, that was rough to say the least. Four months before she comes home for 10 days.


It was 10 years ago this week when I sent my baby boy off to college and I remember it like it was yesterday!!! He went almost 1000 miles away and I was devastated. The first night he was gone I woke up in the middle of the night in a total PANIC, I was afraid I would forget what he looked like :eyes: so I had to get up and go find his picture and look at it. The next day I put his Sr picture (and my daughters when the time came) on the wall at the foot of my bed so I could lokk at them every night before I went to bed.

Four years later I sent my daughter off, it was a tiny bit easier but not a lot.

So I know EXACTLY how you feel!!:waah:

Sheesh, and my mom was complaining about me moving 250 miles away, after living at home for 2 years after college graduation. :teehee:

She actually had a friend come up with us to move me in freshman year, because she knew she’d be crying too hard to drive the car. (This backfired: her friend wouldn’t let her cry, or else she’d start crying, too.)

when my dd moved out I closed her door and wouldn’t open it for days… when I did it was so hard though she was afterall an adult… no matter when they leave it’s a loss you grieve…:hug:

HAHA - I wish I could tell you it will get better, but I’m 30 yrs old, haven’t lived at home since I was dropped off at college, am married and my mother still cries everytime I come and go from their house or her from my house. Just means you love her.

P.S. even if you don’t see us cry and we don’t admit it - we miss you too : )

When I dropped my first son off at college I sobbed. Literally. I got some very good advice from a friend though. She told me that I would be sad for three or four days and then would feel better and that’s exactly what happened. My heart really goes out to you.:heart::hug:

HAHAHAHAHA, my son will be 30 next year and I still cry when he comes OR goes. My daughter too, it’s become a family joke:waah:. But I think they are secretly pleased. I’ll never forget putting my daughter on a plan to head off to college for the first time, I was all teary eyed and weepy and she looked at me and said “OHHHHH MOM, you are crying for ME TOO” , she had watched me cry so many times for her brother that I think somehow she thought I wasn’t going to be as upset with her!!!

Great! Now you have a spare room in which to store that huge stash!

Definitely. I went to school 4 hours from home. My mom left me at a Pizza Hut with my roomies, she did this coz she KNEW she would able to hold back if she was at a restaurant.

But then I went home for 2 weeks at Christmas… When she drove my back, she stayed the night and then came into my room before I woke up and kissed me goodbye and I woke up and she was gone, left me a note on the fridge and I was bawling. She really likes to avoid the crying tearful goodbyes… Drives me nuts coz I prefer to get it out and over.

We won’t always admit it but we need our mommies, and we definitely miss them.


It’s also hard for us that leave ;_;

I stayed home during college, but left afterwards to help my grandmother. Only I left around 2000 km north of my hometown, which meant another country.
It’s been 5 years since, and it’s still hard to see my parents only for a few days every year.


Big hugs to you!! It’s good to read about parents who truly love their kids, nowadays that’s not too common.

My mom’s a cryer too. Has been since I was a little girl. And yes, we miss you more than you’ll ever know. I’m 30 and I only see my family once every [I]other[/I] year.


:hug: Krystal is so right, we need our mommies no matter how old we are!

My mom was sad too when I left for college. I was far away from home and only went back home 3-4 times a year. But I was ready, I was doing well and in the end she was pretty proud of herself. This is how you know that you succeeded as parents, right? When your kids can live on their own and become responsible adults. My brother left a few years later.

Now I think my parents are very glad to be on their own. My mom said it’s like being newlyweds again! :teehee:

Exactly, Iza. You want the kids to be responsible and independent.

Of course, when my DH’s niece went away to college, her mom and step-dad turned her room into an office. Just to make sure that the bird had flown the coop for good. I never quite understood that. Our kids will always be welcome to move back in if the necessity arises, but if they don’t well, then I’d say we done good!