My daughter is.... Inaugural Ball update with pic!

getting ready right now to go to the Inaugural Ball!! So excited for her!!!

How exciting! Details?

Not sure what kind of details you mean… She works at the National Science Foundation and her boyfriend works at Department of the Interior. He was able to score the tickets! Dress is black and sleeveless. Hard to describe so I can post a picture when she has them so you can see the dress. He will be in a tux.

Cool! Yeah, I guess I just wanted to know more. Nosy me. LOL I hope they have a good time. It will certainly be a time to remember.

Way Cool! Once in a lifetime event. Or at least every 4 years…

Here’s the first pic hot off FB!

How elegant! Your daughter looks gorgeous.
It’s so exciting to go to the Inaugural ball and it’s gotten just about impossible to get tickets. Lucky daughter and boyfriend.

Ni-i-i-ice! that’s gotta be a thrill for both of them. :yay: And they clean up real nice too!

WOW that’s awesome ! They look gorgeous