My Cymbalism Pendant on eBay

No…don’t inhibit the madness. I like the addition to the mug handle. I would also experiment with adding glass strips to the mug… I presume they would adhere. I find it interesting that some people can work brilliantly and creatively with say wood but are hopeless with stone…and so on. You have probably found a great niche. I can’t see them now I’ve gone to reply but what are the shells made of…are they porcelain that you added some glass to?

OMG OMG! :heart::inlove::heart::inlove:

I am in LUST with that mug! :roflhard:

Its absolutely amazing! I love the handle!

Does the bead on the handle spin?

That is truely wonderful work! Please dont stop!

My “Cymbals” arrived:cheering:, I won the one listed on ebay and just HAD to buy another. Leslie was sooooo wonderfully sweet to make me a THIRD to send to my dear friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

They are even more beautiful than her pictures show.

I am already thinking ahead to Christmas and who I might order one for.:thumbsup: If you are considering a “Cymbal” I can vouch for their beauty!!

I love the red! Your website reads that you’re heading to Catalina. Is that the one in California?

I laugh because I actually stayed home from work today because, as I was washing my hair, I had this huge brainstorm and decided that I couldn’t go see Mickey Mouse

:noway: You WORK for the Mouse? :noway: Oh I am so jealous.

:thud: yeah the pendants are beautiful too.


I am in awe! Those pendants and your website… I can’t put words, stunning is enough.

I’m in the U.K but would LOVE to get hold of one of your glass pendants, I think they are just stunning. I’ve emailed a link to your site to my Step-mother who will just love it.

If I lived near you I’d be a regular customer, I’d would have had the mug and and a lot of your pendants by now!

Good luck with it, what a wonderful thing you are doing.

These are awesome. Thank you for sharing your love of art and life.
Keep us posted as to how you will offer them for sale.

I can picture one laying against a knitted sweater or atop a knitted scarf. Beautiful

Thanks so much for everyone’s great comments. My ego is definitely in the clouds right now!:woot:

as far as the mug goes, the only way I could actually add glass to the porcelain itself would be epoxy adhesive. The mug would never withstand the heat of the torch and then the 4 or so hours in the kiln. It’s a great idea though.

I bought those mugs years ago and then “found” them again. They’re called spinner mugs and you can actually change out the beads if you want. And they’ll go in the dishwasher! I painted on them with glass paint and then stuck them in the oven.

Thanks again.

Yup! It spins all over the place. Way cool! I’ve got a picture of another one “somewhere.” I’ll have to dig it out to show you.

Thanks again for the comments. I’ve been working nonstop in the studio for days and this week will be the same, trying to get enough together to take to Catalina.

You’re all so good for me!:muah:

OMG, and I didnt’ even twist you arm for THAT comment!

Thanks, Ginny, for your support. Really! I’m glad you’re happy with the cymbals. It’s always so hard when they go out in the mail because I truly love each and every one and there’s always the chance that the recipient won’t feel the same.

I can do all kinds of things for you if you want. No pressure, really. I’m sooooooooo not about that. I always tell my friends “This whole glass thing is REALLY not about the money for me.” If I happen to make some $$ with them, that’s perfectly fine, but this is NOT why I do it. I live by Psalm 37:4 and I figure, if what I do delights God, then he’ll bless it. That’s it! In fact, I tried TWICE this past weekend to give pendants to my friends and they refused. They wouldn’t take it without paying. So, I just figure it’ll get me to Catalina and, when I get there, we’ll see.

I really do appreciate all your thoughts though. This is really the one place that I’ve had the nerve to really share fully what I’m doing with these cymbals. I feel “safe” here with my KH friends. I don’t share this stuff to make you buy them, and I think you all “get” that. It’s lilke when we share out finished knitting and crochet projects. Mine these days just happen to be in glass.

You’re the best! Kisses and hugs all around!!!

Yeah, I do! It’s soooooooooo much fun! I get to sit on the floor, do the Hokey Pokey, give out hundreds of stickers, trade pins…

And let’s not forget the free admission and nice discounts, especially at Christmas!:woot::woot:

So, in your opinion, what would be a good size for a glass “button?” Would it need a shanke or could you just attached it through the hole in the center?

I’ve been trying to figure out buttons for a while, because it’s such a perfect idea. I just need some help on the technical part.


wow your work is amazing! I love the stuff you have shown here especially the sea shells!

Hi Leslie, I am in Orlando, too! Do you belong to any of the knitting groups ? Your glasswork is beautiful!!!

I find it easier to work with buttons with holes in rather than a shank, sometimes the shank ones don’t sit right and because of that have a habit of twisting and coming off.

I can’t wait to see some of those buttons, I bet they are going to be gorgeous.

Hey Debbie!
Actually, I’m in Davenport, Exit 55 off Rt. 4. I don’t belong to any of the groups because the ones of knew of met Mondays or Wednesday and they were the two nights I worked at Disney.

I’d love to get into a group, though, if you know of any others. Or you can just come over and knit with me. :waving: