My Cymbalism Pendant on eBay

Well, I finally took a deep breath and decided to list one of my pendants on ebay to “get a feel” for how they’ll do. These pendants, big glass cymbals anywhere from 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 inches big, come from my torch and invite the wearer to “make some noise” about national and global issues. $5 from the sale of each cymbal will be donated to the organization “cymbalized” by the pendant.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, here’s the first one: Pretty in Pink, a yummy pink cymbal with deeper pink swirls in it. It benefits the Susan Komen Foundation. I love this pendant because pink can be a very hard color to get in glass. The heat and position of the flame determines the density of the color when it comes to pink, and I was so tweaked to get the fullness of this beautiful color.


[FONT=Arial]Please, please, give me your constructive comments. I’m open to all suggestions. Go ahead! I can take it. I trust the opinions of my friends here at KH. I know that there is no better place to come to for advice than HERE![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]You rock![/FONT]

Its beautiful!!!:inlove: It looks like you do very lovely work. I didn’t know that the color of the glass depended on the position of the flame…very interesting.

Thanks Katie.

I use alot of reactive glass in these pendants to get some really great color variations. The photographs never do them justice. Every time I wear one, I end up giving it away because someone in the bank or the store or at church goes crazy over it and I figure, What the Heck? I’ll just make myself another. Not a great way to make money but I really don’t care. I love sharing my gift.

Thanks for the kudos.

OMG! Thats so pretty! Just gorgeous!

I love glass jewelry like that. I bought a big blue heart/teardrop pendant a while back…get compliments on it all the time!

I wonder if I can talk DH into bying me one of yours…they are so unique!

Hi. I think if you could provide an image of in hanging on a mannequin or a friend (not with face in pic) it would help as I always wonder how such pieces might ‘sit’ and whether they will actually turn around or sit flat on the chest etc Possible to make a matching pair of cymbal earrings with would further the impression of making a sound with a pair of cymbals?? I love seeing glass work…fascinating.

Um… I LOVE it. It’s PINK!!! I’m bidding! :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmm, someone named silversomethingsomething is the highest bidder. :wink:

you do beautiful work!

HEHEHEHEHE, I’m the highest bidder (for the moment). I think it’s WONDERFUL!!! If you decide to make more than one and sell them PLEASE let me know.

A very dear friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast Ca, she hasn’t even had her mastectomy yet (end of the week). I would love to have something like that as a sign of support!!!

Well I’m not going to fight you for it. You have a good reason to buy it. I just liked it cause it’s pink, and beautiful and shiny. LOL Although I deliberately bid more than $5 so Leslie had at least her $5 donation. :thumbsup:

Leslie, make more… I’d love a pink one. Have you considered selling on :heart:

You guys are too funny! I really appreciate your thoughts and your support. Thanks.:muah:

Pink is such a great color in glass but it can be so iffy sometimes. I think that my torch “understands” how important these pieces are so every color is really “popping” for me.

You know, I have an Etsy account but have never really ventured over there. I probably should put a cymbal up over there to see what happens.

I laugh because I actually stayed home from work today because, as I was washing my hair, I had this huge brainstorm and decided that I couldn’t go see Mickey Mouse and, instead, spent the next 2 hours in my studio working on necklaces. I just got in some soft, soft silk ribbon in some gorgeous colors and have added some sterling charms and swarovski dangles to the mix. They’re looking pret-ty good if I do say so myself. And just for you ladies, I’ve got another pink cymbal on my website.

Of course, I’ll be happy to do anything special you’d like so nobody has to fight over anything. I’ve got plenty of pink glass. :wink:

I’m going to go to my local jewelry design center this weekend and buy a necklace display so I can photograph the cymbals better. Thanks for that much appreciated tip.

OK, I’m done now…

very beautiful! i 2nd etsy… i think you’d get fairer selling prices. the ppl who buy and sell there better understand the hard work that goes into handmade art and crafts

I went to your web site last night at looked at your necklaces. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! What a amazing idea, what beautiful glass!!! You will definately be hearing from me, I’m already thinking CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

I love glass, I did stained glass for years til I moved and lost my workship space. I’ve always been intrigued by lampwork beading and last year tried to get a book to learn how to do it but the one I wanted was out of print. Glass just fascinates me.

What a great idea, I hope that where ever you decide to sell these you do well!!

I just went to your website, and I loooove that all of your Cymbalism pendants mean something and are for a cause. What a great idea, and they’re beautiful!

Thanks for the kudos everyone! I’ve been having lots of fun this week “playing with fire.” These cymbals are just taking on a life of their own, which is just fine with me. Each time that I light the torch, I learn something new.

Here’s one of my favorites, which my oldest daughter Beth has claimed. I call it “Sterno” and, if it were for sale, it would benefit a global warming-type foundation. Of course, I loved it so much, I had to try to make another for myself. Of course, they’re never as good as the original which is what I love. Even though the colors are the same, no two are ever alike!

I’ve got a bunch of cymbals that won’t make the Cymbalism cut so I think I’ll string two together and call them “high hats.” High hats are the two cymbals on a set of drums that tap together to make a really cool sound. I’ve even been trying to teach myself Chinese Knotting and man! it’s alot harder than it looks. However, the snake knots on my small pendants look pret-ty neat.

Anywho, I’m babbling…Have a great day everyone!

I really like this last example and I think the background and light really show it off to good effect. I gather you are making these from glass rods using a torch as you mention…good for you :slight_smile: it’s also such fun to experiment.

I just LOVE the way you have dressed up the disk with the charm and bead!!!

They are reeeeeallly beautiful Leslie. I love the oil slick one… and the gold one… and the pink one… sigh

Hi Leslie! Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t think I’d like glass so much but the colors just bowled me over. I liked the pink one, then I saw the red one! That’s a great thing you’re doing… I don’t usually wear glass but I’ll think about these when I get some extra $$$.

Must be really interesting work… are there any pix of you doing it, the torch and the process?

I just sent your website to my DH because he mom loves this type of jewelry, plus she’ll love all of the charities you picked.

You all are so good for me! Thanks!:muah:

Couple pics of me working and a few pics that I found while looking for pics of me working!

The cymbals are taking over the house! And, of course, I had another idea for another line of pendants. I wish my brain would stop this madness!