My current projects....socks, a hat, and a scarf

Here are some recently FO’s and some WIPs. The scarf is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts…made with three different yarns held together on 15s. It looks really beautiful with the different shades of purple I’m using.

The WIP sock is the first of my second pair…I’m using Online Supersocke. I’m doing it on size 1s, and they are turning out nice and snug with a tight gauge, unlike my first pair, which I did on 2s.

The first pair of socks I made from Silver’s sock class was a success! Even though I turned the heel wrong on the second one and made the foot a bit too short, they fit pretty well and I’m impressed with my new skill. As you can see, I prefer assymmetry when it comes to stripes. This is Ornaghi Filati Sock yarn…

The fake isle hat was made FOR ME after I made two for my mother and grandmother for Christmas and was jealous. This one was made from Noro Kuryeon and Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

Everything looks great! I’ve made that scarf - it really is pretty when done isn’t it?

The socks look wonderful - they are addicting!

I’m in love with that fake fair isle hat!

I LOVE your fake isle hat. Where can I find instructions to purchase?

Your socks look great too! I’ve knitted over a dozen pairs of socks. I’m just learning to make other items now.



You can find it for FREE here.

Everything looks wonderful! I really love the hat. :cheering:

Your socks look good, and I LOVE your hat–the colors are so nice.

Everything is lovely, but I especially like those green socks!

that hat is great!
ive got one just like it but in different colors
that color scheme is nice :slight_smile:
the pompom on the hat is defintely a ncie touch dont you thionk?