My Creation

Let’s see, this is what i knitted for my company christmas party but i did not wear it… Someone told be the colour looks Auntie, that means “old”. Therefore, it is kept in my cupboard :frog::waah:

What do you think?

Wow, that’s pretty risque! I don’t think the color looks old, especially not if those colors look good on you. :slight_smile: I love the corset front!

They don’t have a clue what they are talking about. There is nothing wrong with that colour, especially if you have the colouring to pull it off. Wear it with pride, you did a marvelous job on it!

It looks a bit like tiger stripes. I don’t think it looks `old’.

That is A-1 ADORABLE!!!

If I could keep my “girls” up without a bra and had the figure, I would wear it with pride!!! You know, people who say mean things are usually just jealous!

Thanks All! I will wear it next week.

i am confident that it will look great with all great words.

I don’t think it looks old, but it does look halloween-y. If you get my drift… :slight_smile: but that’s just me. Tis really cute!`

Oh wow! That is just gorgeous! Be proud of it. Never let anyone discourage you with such comments!

Well I think it’s lovely…wear it girl and be proud !!!

No way is that ‘old’…You did a great job on it!! :thumbsup:

Geez, I hope my aunts never, ever wear anything like that. Really, they are far too old!

I think you could make that in gray and it wouldn’t look old. If you have the body for it…wear it.

It looks great and not “old”. Maybe they were just jealous of your figure :teehee:?

Wear it and be proud of your work. It looks fantastic :slight_smile:

I think it’s great. If I were a YOUNG girl and still “pert”…I’d want to wear it.:aww: You did a great job on it.

I think it looks great. Pair it with black pants and a nice pair of heels or heeled boots, it would be a great outfit.

I think its pretty. and i think they are jealous. wear and wear proud.

Wow! If you have the figure to wear that then the LAST thing you need to worry about is old looking colors! I think the colors are nice anyway, great job!

Certainly does NOT look old to me.

That is fabulous!