My crazy sister

… got the “brilliant” idea from somewhere, that DPNs would make great hair sticks if bent in half. So she bought some, and bent them in half. She also got some straights, and is planning on cutting them down to size, bend them and solder some other pieces of metal onto them to make a hair “fork”. She has committed knitting sacrilege!!



That sister of yours needs to understand that these are not just tools of our hobby, but can also be weapons as well (just kidding)! It is sacrilege but it depending on what needles she is using. If they are cheap junk then let her at it. If they are Harmony’s or Addi’s or that sort of needles then grab them and run…

Well, she got them at Wal-Mart, so they weren’t very expensive. She is such a nut, I don’t know where she gets her ideas sometimes!! :teehee:

quick! Save her! :wink:

Hey, just be thankful she didn’t use your needles!!!

I think… i’m gonna… be sick. :ick:

Oh come on, give the girl a break! When my hair was past my waist I used chop sticks, wooden knitting needles, ANYTHING that would keep it up for awhile and wasn’t a bobby pin type of thing. Barretts just didn’t work.

Since they’re not Harmony’s or anything good, I’d give her points for being creative.

If she touched mine, she’d get a point in the hand :mrgreen:

Im having a panic here just thinking about it!!!

Maybe you could take up a collection of knitter’s orphan needles to donate to your sister so she doesn’t destroy good tools.

:rofl: She is supposed to send pictures of the “finished products”. I am actually kind of interested to see what she come up with. Despite the ruination of knitting needles, lol.

I have to admit that I have used my dpn’s as hair sticks when I couldn’t find something and my hair was getting in my face. But to bend, break or mutilate them? Ain’t happening!