My couch ATE my needle!

It’s just GONE! One minute my knitting was on the back of the couch. My son picked it up to hand to me, dropped one needle and it just absolutely disappeared! I’ve taken the couch apart and it’s just gone.


they bounce…look a few feet away as well! :wink:

I think my couch/sofabed has a coupla crochet hooks hiding in it. Will have to move it and tear it apart to look for them so might wait a week or so… We’re moving anyway.


It was the couch gnomes :roflhard: . They took your needle!!!

That happened to me about a year ago…I just found the missing needle about a week ago! :doh:

It sounds like you need to treat yourself to some new needles. To get over the trauma, don’t ya know. :rofl:

LOL oh yes, it’s very traumatic. They were such a pretty red, and I’d just gotten used to the feel of them after knitting on 10s. (snif! cry a tear!)

Something similar happened to me. I was knitting in bed and the needle slipped out and hit the floor. I couldn’t find it and I was totally :??. I found it later. The nightstand is flat on the floor, but the needle had slipped into a crack where the nightstand meets the carpet. I was highly annoyed for a whole day though. :roflhard:

It’s the time guys. Remember that Twilight Zone episode where the time guys forgot to put all the stuff back when they moved time ahead? Wait a day or two and I bet they put it back.

I sit on the back deck and knit when the weather allows it. While knitting socks I have dropped one of my DPNs more times than I care to mention. Sooner or later it’s going to land just right and drop through the cracks between the boards. DH is just going to have to find a way to get under there. :eyebrow:
Nikki and Sockby

Seems like someone here says thats where they keep their needles. ha.


have you tried sitting or kneeling on the couch WHILE reaching in between where the back of the couch meets the bottom of the couch? sometimes a space is created when the springs are depressed and a needle (or small child!) could easily fit in there (at least on my couches) I’ve found numerous remotes that way

I just hope you find it when you’re looking for it, and not um… unexpectedly. That would be a pain in the, well, you know. :blush: