My computer keyboard bit me!

I seem to have lost the use of the last letter of the alphabet on my keyboard −− I can’t even type it to say that I can’t type it! I’m going cra*y!!!

I don’t know how this happened, but today as I was in the middle of something I suddenly found I was unable to type the name of a song, “Petite Walt*” (i.e., an old-style dance for two in 3/4 time), and I had to spell the word “Waltse.” Is that nuts or what?!

I’ve even pried the keypad off and tried cleaning under and around it −− no go. I’ve only had this keyboard for two years, and I do type a lot, but that particular letter?? I’m quite worried now that it’s unfixable and I’m going to have to go out and buy a new one. An extra added expense that I DO NOT need right now . . .

:gah: :grrr:

if you are on a windows computer, you can go to start -> all programs -> accessories -> accessibility -> on-screen keyboard. That brings up a keyboard that you click on to type. The Z isn’t THAT common, is it? :teehee:

hope that helps

Also, you could copy a z to your clipboard, then paste it whenever you need it. Not the most effective way to do it, but it will work!

That brings up a keyboard that you click on to type.
Very cool – I was actually wondering if I had such a function but didn’t check into it, so thanks, it does help! At least until I can come up with a more permanent solution.

The Z isn’t exactly my most heavily used letter (which is why it seems strange it would poop out on me), but I do use it in a short cut. Due to my laziness – oops, there it is again! – instead of typing the word “because,” I just type “c-u-z” and the software fills in the word for me. I do transcription for a living, so every little bit of time saving helps me type faster.

What kind of transcriptions do you do?

I occasionally have weird issues with the keyboard. Try restarting the computer.

Joanne, I work as a subcontractor for the state. I get to work from home transcribing various types of hearings via computer sound files (used to be cassette tapes, but hooray for technology!). For awhile my organization had the DMV contract, so I was typing hearings for people who had lost their drivers licenses for varous reasons. Lately I’ve been doing mostly parole board hearings, but there are also some from the Department of Health Services and whatever else comes along. It’s usually not boring!

Jan, when I first read your post I thought, “That’s not going to help, this is a hardware problem!” So instead of rebooting my computer I just unplugged the keyboard and then plugged it back in.

Guess what! My Z is BACK!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!