My completed first scarf project

Hi everyone,

I am a self-taught knitter (from this wonderful site!). My mom sent me this yarn so I decided to make her a scarf with it. It was pretty easy and I know she will love it! :smiley:

Ohh I love the color!! :inlove:

What yarn was it?

Very nice! Pretty yarn, too! :thumbsup:

The yarn I used is Red Heart Bright & Lofty, super bulky on US 17 needles. I used one skein (4 oz) and had about 6 inches left over.

You did a great job…WTG :thumbsup:

Superbly sensational scarf!

Ohh, it’s pretty! I love the color of the yarn!

:thumbsup: WTG!!

GOOD FOR YOU!! :cheering:

I love my first scarf! It is one of the few projects that I have kept for myself. Iwear it with great pride as I know your mother will wear hers.

Great scarf! That’s cool you taught yourself to knit. I am always referring to this site for help. It is very useful. Great job!

Soooo pretty!
And what a great way to say thanks!

Very well done.

Don’t you just enjoy making things for people.


Great Job - I am a self taught knitter as well!! I really like the yarn and color. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!

Great job. :thumbsup: pretty colors.


That turned out so well, you’re mom’s going to be thrilled! Way to go!

im self taught as well. you should have seen my first scarf though! nothing like yours. mine was wonky with added and dropped stitches galore. it looked more like a sad wavy snake than a scarf.

that scarf will be worn with pride. its lovely.

Thanks so much for all the praise! DH said he liked it, but hearing it from the pro knitters makes me feel even better about it.

And geekgolightly - don’t worry, I had plenty of added and dropped stitches, too. I just kept going and it looks better than I thought it would. That’s why the picture isn’t an up close shot! Ha! :lol: