My Chronic Pain

I thought that I had it under control not!!!
Any way I knew this day was coming that my system would say this medication is not going to work anymore. It was the highest dose and the doctor said he couldn’t give me anything else. I was sent to a pain management Doctor. Here I go again. Same question that are in my folder that he is reading from. Anyway back to the hospital for shots in my poor cheek and not on my face:flirt:. So then it’s it will get worse before it gets better. Right been there done that story.
Only this guy makes no appointsments like my last Dr did. I call of course get the nurse, I know the drill pain bad really bad. Well you know Mrs. P that it is going to worse don’t you. Ya but it has been seven days!!! I’ll tell the doctor and get back to you. :whistle:yup had to call again oh dear Mrs.P got busy. Ya okay I may just rip your face off. My poor husband the heaven sent guy knows all this and is trying to tell them this is not working. :pout: Well I go to see him Monday and that is only because I had made it a while back. I think I need to go and see my regular doctor and find another pain management doctor.
I am now of my rant I haven’t been able to do that for a long time. I feel so bad for my husband hearing me cry all the time.

:hug: Awww I hope you find the right medication soon!! :hug:

chronic pain is so very hard to manage- keep trying. I know the last thing you need is one more person telling you to “be strong” and “get through it”. when its that bad words don’t help much. but I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you find a doctor who can help.

(ps I always make an appointment with my rheumatologist for every 2 months just in case things get bad. that way I don’t have to call and have the nurse tell me (In september) “we are now scheduling for January.” So if the time comes and I don’t need the appt, I call and reschedule it for the next month.)

I know how you feel. I’ve lived with chronic pain for years and finally gave up on trying to manage it and now I just live with it. In my line of work I’m not allowed to take anything that actually works anyway.

I hope you get some relief soon.

There was a show on tv the other night that had a man who had severe facial pain. They finally found the solution–a blood vessel was pressing on a nerve.

Do they know what’s causing your pain?

I’m sorry you are hurting. :heart:I have pain from the minute my feet hit the floor getting out of bed in the morning until I am back in bed at night.

I will be having left hip replacement surgery on Nov. 1.
I have arthritis. My knees hurt too. I just take one day at a time. Some days I just stay home other times I get out and enjoy myself. But I do hurt daily.

I saw that…it was Tic Douloureaux in his case.

I hope you can find something that eases your pain!

I’m sorry.
I hope the new doctor helps you soon.

I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing. Chronic pain is exhausting for you and hard for your family and friends to watch.

I am especially sorry that your Doctor’s office was not more responsive to your pain. That is their job!


Thanks everyone they kind of know that it is nerve damage but they don’t know where it starts! So they have been giving me shots in the butt, 3times so far. This last time he forgot to let me know that it was really going to take more time to work. Oh well I do think we are on the right track this time. The problem is like pulling teeth getting the information from the doctor. I have enough medicine in me right now, that I can tell and ask him what for. So come Monday so I can find out what he has in store for me this time around. :shock::shock::shock::shock:

Gosh I’m sorry to hear about your pain. Chronic pain is exhausting. I deal with fibromyalgia, so I have an inkling of what you’re going through.

I also went through a LOT of foot surgeries, oh my, talk about pain. I’m to the point again, where the surgeries need to be done again. but I don’t think I’ll do it. It was too long (3 yrs) too painful and for too short of time (about 1 yr pain free walking). It’s not worth it, I’ll eventually end up in a wheelchair.

I hope you find something that works really soon. And a good dr., as they can make all the difference. Hugs…

I actually dealt with chronic chest pain for 4 years before I found out the cause. Before I took matters into my own hands I was on 4 different medications twice a day. NONE worked. but my doctor kept increasing the dosages instead of exploring other options.
One day I had chest pains so bad I thought I was dying. I actually knew I was dying. But insstead of going to the ER like I had all the other times I had chest pains, I walked myself through it. Literally paced the house for hours.
The next day I called a therapist. He immediatly put me on anti-anxiety meds and changed my life. I stopped the other meds cold turkey and started to work on what is now diagnosed as a panic disorder.
It took time. And it was frustrating. I know your problem is medical, and mine is mental health, but I sense the same frustration. I never thought I would ever find relief. I lived with the pain, real physical pain brought on by the disorder, for so long that I just didn’t think it would go away. and the indifference by my doctor was not helping
My point is that eventually it will get better. you will find some answer, and you will find someone that is dedicated enough to helping you find that answer. You too will find that I am sure of it:muah:

I feel for you

I am dealing with some pain issues myself
its very specific, just severe twinges of pain, randomly at places where my ligaments or tendons connect to the muscles. No Idea what it is, and its not constant enough to take anything (but it makes driving interesting sometimes) My kids are used to it, and in some ways that bothers me more than knowing the pain will just happen over and over again. The kids still want to make me feel better, and there is [U]Nothing[/U] they can do.
I used to work at a Pain Center with Thomas Jefferson Hospital. I learned a LOT there but not enough to help with this thing.


As much as this new doctor gets to me, I think he is on the right track.
It started out almost six years ago. Back surgery started it. A very bad disk and shards everywhere well I guess he got it all. Then stupid me when the pain started going down my leg again he fused my spine. The pain was still bad I finally told him after almost a year, just rip the damn leg off at the hip!!! He through me and my husband out of his office!!!
Yup I could not believe it thank goodness my regular doctor saved me. Gave me my meds and has worked with me and other doctors to see why there is pain.
I see my doctor today for the pain and will let everyone know how it goes. Keep me in your thoughts that it goes well and that he can give me some good hope this time. He thinks it is nerve damage we just don’t know how much yet.

Mulderknitter I just had the same thing happen to me with chest pains it only started last year but I really thought that I had some crazy problem that was going to kill me like my heart swelling or something and I turned out that it was anxiety due to a hormone imbalance and believe or not it is birthcontrol pills that have finally taken away that pain.

OMGosh!:hug: Chronic pain s*cks! Hope you soon get some relief.

Good luck! I have fibromyalgia and a bunch of other things, and live with chronic pain. Everything they give me can take the edge off, but not enough to not be in pain all the time. It gets exhausting, but I hope you can find a solution.

I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow to see what else I can do, but doubt there’s anything. I just keep going along to see if there’s new stuff. They just upped my painkillers again last week cause I’m in a flare.

I often think I’d love to see Dr House - he seems to be able to take people with random symptoms and find a cure for their terrible problems - wonder if he’d work on me :wink: I wish. I’m hoping that, hopefully before I’m too old, they’ll find something that works for fibro and I can have my life back. I may not have got my 20s, but maybe I could get my 40s or something. That would be nice.

We also don’t really have pain management doctors here. We just have GPs who prescribe random stuff and hope for the best, or just say ‘you have this, go home and wait to be better’. I wish we had a pain clinic up here, I know they’ve got them further south, but I don’t know how effective they’d be.

Good luck again,
Fi xx

Well went to see the doctor today he uped the meds and next week I go and have another procedure on my butt:waah::waah: this is the third hope it is the charm:pout::pout::pout::pout:

Sending hugs your way!

Another fibromyalgia victim here, as well as chronic knee pain [no cartilige - just bone on bone].

Seems like the nights are the worst. Then I put on the earphones and crank up the music. I work real hard to think myself into the tunes. Seems to help, at least through the worst times.

You know what is far, far worse than chronic pain and pain flare-ups?

Having chronic pain and flare-ups all by yourself. No one else is there with you. Friends get fed up with helping you all the time. You don’t dare talk about it because no one wants to be around so much negative.

Hurting by your self is the worst.