My Christmas Present

My DH bought me a ball winder and swift for Christmas!! :woot: Umm, well… he doesn’t know it yet, but he did! :flirt:

Great Christmas present - and so nice of your DH to do that for you! :wink:

Sounds like your DH shops much like my mom does. :slight_smile:

I like your style … I have just bought a lovely jacket and said to DH look what you have bought me for Christmas…So he took it off me and said “I will have to send this off to Santa then to be wrapped up” xx

Well, DH had let me know last week that [I]I[/I] had bought him a chainsaw. :whoosh: I thought, gee - how thoughtful of [I]myself[/I], I’m sure DH will be just as thoughtful. And Voila! [I]He[/I] was. :rofl:

Don’tcha just love it when that happens!!:wink: Even if we have to align the stars ourselves…

:roflhard: I love it!

I wonder what my DH will be buying me tonight when I get home and go online shopping:blooby:

Mine bought me the neatest green wool coat. He hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure he’ll think he has great taste!!!

My mom “bought” me a set of KP Options and the BPAL Panaceas I lust after most. She thinks she has excellent taste. :slight_smile: (I love the way she shops - “Quiara, what do you want? Oh, it’s one of those online things? Hmm. You’d better just go get it and let me know how much…”)

:teehee: What a nice hubby!!


This is too funny. My dh and I were at BJ’s a couple of months ago and saw the Karoake machine he’s been wanting for a year. We bought and we decided that was his Christmas or Birthday present. (I guess I better get him something for the other one) and I bought some very nice baskets from Longaberger (three in all, 1-Christmas, 2-Anniversary on the 30th, 3-My birthday in Feb). Although he knows about those he doesn’t know about Silvers On-the-go-bags.

I’ll wrap them up and put from him on the tag… mmmm, nah I don’t want to wait until then.

I hope we all buy, oops I mean receive the gifts we want:teehee:


How very thoughtful. Isn’t it nice when they get the very thing you need? :roflhard:

I like it when DH says “When did you get that I haven’t seen it before” and I say " You bought it me for Christmas/birthday" which ever date we are near at the time!!

This is too funny. My dh just got me a 50 piece knitting set off ebay. I did discuss [I]his[/I] buying it for me right before I hit the buy it now. LOL. Now I think [I]he[/I] needs to get me a pretty roll up bag to store it in. “He” will be shopping for that this evening. :roflhard:

LOL - Congrats! I love the way you shop!