My Christmas FO's

Here’s some projects that I recently finished. Emmy’s scarf is my first ever attempt at intarsia and after a couple of tries, I got the hang of it and was quite impressed with myself! I used Bernat Softee Chunky for the scarf, hat, and leg warmers. All the patterns came from last winter’s Knit Simple. I adapted the hat and leg warmers to work in the round, just so I wouldn’t have to seam. :teehee: I did notice on the scarf though, that my red stitches are upside down on one side, it’s not that noticeable with the other colours, but I think that’s only because I had to flip the pattern over and work backwards, is that right?
Hanna’s set was knit with Bernat Satin and goodness gracious, I love how the scarf turned, but oh the ends I had to weave in! I got that pattern from Scarf Style, the hat is just a basic hat pattern and the leg warmers are from the Bernat website.
Both the girls really loved their presents.
Jenn’s set was knit with Joann’s Sensations Bellisimo. Not a big fan of using this yarn for a hat, it took three attempts and going down needle sizes to make it so it wasn’t huge! I liked using it for the scarf though, which is just stockinette with a garter edge on the sides and a ruffled edge at the ends. Hopefully, Jenn will like hers, we haven’t gotten together for our Christmas yet.
And the last is a hat I made for myself, my first fair isle. I love doing fair isle and figured out how to do it using both my hands. I used Plymouth Encore DK.

Great job!

Beautiful work!!

you’ve been busy!! Great work!

Very cool stuff! :thumbsup:

OMG you are GOOD

thanks for sharing


Those are nice. REALLY nice. Way to go :thumbsup:

Everything is just beautiful! They will all be cherished for many years!

Wow! You’ve been busy!! I think they’re all gorgeous-but Hanna’s and Emmy’s are my favorites :heart: them!

Nice work!! :thumbsup: I’m totally loving that color pattern on Hanna. :heart:

ditto Wowie Zowie

Whoa! I feeeeeel the Love!!
Nice knits!

Thank you everyone! :heart:

Wow beautiful fair isle hat! Could you tell me where you got the pattern?

Sooo beautiful!! what colour combining method did you use?

Hi mystery, I got the hat pattern from here.
It was the first fair isle I’ve ever done and it was super easy!

WoW thank you so much! I’ll be starting it today :cheering:

Wow, what great gift sets! I especially love the one with the bright pink and also the intarsia is so cute!

Thank you so much. If you are just a beginner it gives me hope.

WOW You are awesome! :passedout: