My Cats Eye is funky

I noticed within the last week and a half that my cats eye has been half closed once in a while. Which is not normal for him. I kinda shook it off thinking I was being paranoid and all so I just kept an eye on it. Last Saturday morning it did it again and it really made me worry so I called the vet for an appt and the girl who answered the phone made me feel like a paranoid skitzo mother.

So that afternoon I was able to sneak a peek at his eye and saw this ‘thing’ on his eye, it kinda looks like there’s something on there, but it doesn’t move at all. So I’m thinking it’s more of a scratch. But what is concerning me is his squinting.

Basically I’m trying to talk myself out of the appt, but the other part of me wants to make sure it isn’t something else. I mean how in the world would he scratch his eye? He’s an indoor cat and our other cat doesn’t fight with him, so I know it wasn’t him scratching it.

The thing is, what will the vet be able to do with it? There isn’t any puss or drainage or anything but it’s the squinting that’s concerning me. The office visit is $52.00 and that doesn’t include any meds or tests.

Any advice? Should I keep the appt or wait a while longer and see if he stops squinting?

BTW: I :heart: our vet, some of the girls at the front desk, not so much. :fingerwag:

IMHO I’d keep the appt. I’ve found from experience if you wait it can become an even bigger problem costing more $$. My cat had an eye thing and ended up with antibiotic eye drops so there are things they do for eyes.
I certainly understand about the money issue, however…tough call. Hope kitty gets better soon.

I’d keep the appt. too. I’d want to get anything checked out that is out of the norm.


Keep the appt. you never know what it could be. anything could have caused an infection. usually the solution is simple eyedrops.

I’ll echo keeping the appointment. It could be something easily treated. And, not to scare you, but you don’t want to take a chance on your cat losing sight in that eye.

my cat did this too a couple times. She has back claws and kitty #2 did too, and she may have scratched it while they wrestled around, or while she rubbed her head on stuff. She always rubs her head on stuff…but it’s worth the visit to the dr.

Thanks for the help. :hug:

My gut told me to keep the appt, but after what that darn girl said, I thought maybe I was over-reacting. I think I may tell the doctor what she said and how it affected my decision as to whether or not to keep the appt. She should know better. She’s been there for years.