My cat

This is a mouse I made. The pattern is from DIY ( ) It is a mouse for a mouse. My cat Domino loves it. His name is Domino because he is black and white. And the last pic is a toy I mad for him.:knitting: :woot: :woohoo:

sorry my cat pic is so small.

Love the mouse. Your boy Domino is handsome!

Those are cute!

Awww I like kitties! Domino is cute and the toys are neat!

:thumbsup: Great job!

Aaw, cute mouse and toy! Domino’s a lucky kitty (he’s a cutie!)

cute cute cute… hope it’s appreciated!

Nice job on the cat toys! Your cat is cute!

Gosh!!! Your cat looks just like our cat Amy. When I saw the picture of Domino, I couldn’t believe it. They must be twins, except we’re in Australia. Amy would probably like those cat toys too. Very cute.

Great looking cat! Hope he likes his toys, do you stuff them with catnip?

i love the toys. they will have to be made for my lot. domino is georgous lad.

i have whet feels like fifty thousand kitties as i rescue them here in france.

so any knitted toys to use up stash are great.

thanks for sharing


I did not stuff it with cat nip I stuffed it with yarn scraps.