My Cat, Mabel

I know a lot of you are pet lovers, so I thought I’d come here to whine a little. My cat, Mabel is at the vet’s office. She’s scheduled to be spayed today, and I’ll be picking her up tomorrow. I can’t understand why I’m so worried. I’ve had tons of cats spayed, and they always do fine. I seem to be at war with myself. The logical part of me knows that this is a very routine procedure, and she’ll be just fine, but the emotional ‘kitty mom’ side of me misses her, and won’t stop worrying until she’s home. I know she’s just a cat, but she’s also my baby.

Anyway. I guess I won’t bore ya’ll anymore. If anyone out there could spare a prayer for my girl, I’d really appreciate it.

Awww! I was the same way when I had my kitty spayed, I worried like crazy and couldn’t wait to pick her up.
Here’s hoping that she has an easy surgery and recovery!:hug:

Thinking of her and you - don’t worry, I was the same when my kitty went in just to have her teeth cleaned!

I know just how you’re feeling - our kitties are our non-talking kids! One of ours is due at the vets tomorrow for x-rays to see why she isn’t using her back legs. Hope everything went alright for your kitty!

I definitely feel your pain and will say a prayer for Mabel! Even though I have nine, when one is at the vet, it leaves a huge void!

Laptop Knitter - I hope everything works out ok for your baby, too. Please keep us posted!

:hug:Thinking about you and your Mabel. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but i know how you feel… And it’s a pity to leave them overnight at the vet. Hang in there :hug:

Aww I totally understand… Some kitties just make you feel a bit extra protective of them… My cat Boots, I missed, but was fine when he had to be gone for his neutering and declawing. He’s my Mr.Man and I love him to bits… but my baby Batty… I was a basket case. He didn’t even have to be overnight because he wasn’t being declawed… But he’s such a scared lil thing, I just hated being away from him…

Even now 4 years later, he’s HUGE big giant muscle cat, with claws, named Batman… and he’s so shy and skittish, I feel the need to protect him… a bit more than I do Boots… but Boots is so calm and gentle, I know he is ok… with Batty, just wearing shoes in the house freaks him out.

Sending out some purrs to your baby and hoping she can be home and happy in no time.:heart:

Thank you all for understanding. Your encouragement makes me feel better.

I got a call from the vet, telling me that she made it through her surgery, and seems to be fine. I’ll be picking her up tomorrow morning after 9:30.

Laptop knitter, I’m sorry that your cat is having problems. I hope the x-rays show nothing serious.

This really makes me feel better… we have five and love each one with all we can… Glad to know I’m not the only “Cat Mom” with so many. All of them were found as kittens and had lost their own moms

Prayers for Mabel and glad she’s alright. I worry, too, but the vet is so good with them, that helps.

:muah: Hugs to you and Mabel! Every kitty is different. I usually fret way too much over Mulder at the vet. He is such a tough guy and all the techs and vets know and love him (they call me Mulder’s mom) and take such good care of him, but he’s my baby so I worry that he’s scared more than anything.
Itchy on the other hand is such a rambunctious little guy that I never really worry that he’s scared, just that he’ll hold a grudge when he comes home!:roflhard:
Just give her extra kisses and hugs when she gets home, she’ll forget she was ever there in a few hours anyway!:blooby:

Glad Mabel is doing good.
Laptop, I hope your kitty is feeling better soon too!:muah:

:fingerwag: :fingerwag: :fingerwag: Tsk tsk. There’s no such thing as ‘just a cat’. She’s your baby and that’s that. You have every right to worry about her. Having surgery is a very scary thing even if it is routine.

I will say a prayer that everything goes well and that she’s back home in your arms safely and quickly.

Many :hug: to you.

Well, I just got home with Mabel, and she’s doing really well. She’s already explored the house, and I guess, made sure here favorite hiding places are still there. lol She’s cleaning herself now, and I keep looking over there to make sure she’s not picking at her stitches. I had one cat who had to have an e-collar because she wouldn’t leave her stitches alone. It was a pain. She kept getting it wet when she’d get a drink of water, then when she’d go to the litter box, litter clumped on it. I constantly had to clean it off.

Thanks everyone, for helping me through my minor break-down. lol

I thought I had responded to this earlier, but evidently not. (TGIF!)

I’m glad that Mabel is okay. I am such a cat lover! :heart:


Yay Mabel! I’m glad she is home and doing well. I hope she’ll be a good girl with her stitches! :slight_smile:

Glad Mabel came through ok!

side note, our kitty has ‘luxating patellas’, requiring an operation for which she is booked Monday. She can be fixed! Yay for kitties!

There is no such thing as “JUST A CAT”. Cats are our babies. They are our babies that will always be dependant on us. They are our babies that never grow up and leave home, or go on dates or try drugs or learn how to drive and then crunch up your car or ask for money, or wear things we would NOT approve of. Cats are heaven sent!


I’m so glad your kitty’s legs can be fixed. :cheering: