My cat is SO good

yesterday morning i got up a couple of hours before DH. having only finishing to do on one of my projects, i decided to start another.

this required turning a hank into a center pull ball. not having a winder or a swift, i had to do it by hand. I had some problems getting the yarn out of the hank smoothly so i ended up unwinding the whole thing and draping it all over the floor.

halfway through the process i looked down and my cat is laying on the floor next to the pile of yarn. i thought that i was going to have problems, but no. he just laid there as cute as can be and then rolled over and proceeded to go to sleep.

and the pretty ball

:cheering: hehe good kitty =D

fergit the cat…look how nice and neat that ball is! :shock: mine don’t even resemble circular objects when i have to wind like that! :rofling:

wow that IS a pretty ball!!

How much will your cat charge to train MY cats??? They need a good example!

Wow! You are SO going to have to rent that cat out to teach other cats a lesson. :inlove:

My cat, Ming is getting so bad and jealous she will try to lay on my chest between me and the knitting. I usually knit in bed since my hubby needs to go to bed around 10 and I knit and watch tv while he sleeps until I’m ready. She is so jealous that I’m paying more attention to the knitting then her. She even tries to bite my fingers and knitting needles (she never bites hard, just to get your attention).

What drives me completely crazy is when she sits in my lap and licks the back of my hands while I’m knitting. :shock:

She’s so crazy but I love her! :thumbsup:


My kitty totally ignores my knitting, too. If I drag a piece of yarn across the floor or dangle it in front of her she’ll bat and bite at it, but she never goes after yarn just sitting there.

Cute kitty pictures!!

oh, what adorable angels you guys have! I am catless :frowning: my dog is a cat chaser :frowning:

:thinking: want to trade cats?

Good kitty…meow :wink:

Danielle, my cat sleeps in the sink, too :smiley:

One of our cats, Cheddar, sleeps under the bathtub :rollseyes: The other cat, Stanley, USUALLY sleeps on my head, but can also be found in the laundry basket or my fabric box :slight_smile:

Can your cat please teach my cats a lesson on how to behave around a ball of yarn??? LOL I have two ginger cats and one ginger kitten – and knitting while they are around is REAL fun, let me tell you. :rofling: :doh:

And I must admit, I am impressed by that ball… mine never even resemble round when I roll them by hand. Well done!! In fact, I’ve just invested in a yarn bobbin and they STILL don’t look round! LOL

[color=blue][/color] I am impressed!!! My cat won’t let me unravel 2 rows w/out trying to help… and your yarn ball. is uh round… mine… well, lets just say it isn’t… congrats!!! :cheering:

[color=blue][/color] I am impressed!!! My cat won’t let me unravel 2 rows w/out trying to help… and your yarn ball. is uh round… mine… well, lets just say it isn’t… congrats!!! :cheering:

he may leave yarn alone, but like to call him a devil cat because he doesn’t like company. anybody. we just didn’t have enough people around when he was young, i guess.

i might be willing to trade cat personalities. one that won’t leave my yarn alone for one that is nice to my guests.

Thanks for the compliments on the ball. I learned it from Amy.

Danielle–I think our cats must be related. Scraps is terrible jealous of my knitting, or reading or ANYTHING that detracts from him. He scratches my hand, he bursts through the newspaper just to say"HI!! LOOK AT ME,MAMA!!" He HATES it when I knit, unless he can play with the working yarn–which he CANNOT–so he pouts and lays down at the foot of the recliner with his back to me. I think his personality has erally changed for the worse since I’ve started knitting.

(maybe it’s my personality!) :shock:

yeah if I try to read ming will do the same. She doesn’t like to share my attention. When she can’t get my attention she go over and lay on my husband’s chest and flex her claws and just meow and talk to him. He says he totally understands that I ignore him as well. They try to make me feel bad. It never works though… What a pair they make!


My cats are pretty good about not “helping” me when I’m knitting, but if I ever put it down (to check the washer/dryer, get a drink of water, go to the restroom, and such) then as far as their concerned, it’s fair game. :rofling:

They do have a terrible habit of lying on my pattern, magazine, or book. I wouldn’t mind, except that if I decide to put what I’m doing away, to pet them, or give them attention, they leave. So…it’s not that they want my attention, they just don’t want me to read. :rofling:

Our kitty isn’t interested in my yarn at all. I was surprised and even a little disappointed at first, but I know I should count myself lucky. Of course, I do a good job of tangling it up all by myself!

Oh yeah, she does do that sitting on the pattern/book thing too. It’s pretty much guaranteed if I’m trying to read something, she’ll find a way to interfere with it!

I have three cats. And none of them really bother with the yarn that much. Oreo (black & white male) likes to sit on the yarn. Who knows why. If any of my cats are sitting next to me, I like to poke them with my needles. They just give me a stare. My Mom’s cat likes rub against the needle and then bites it. I have a few DPNs with teeth marks on the end. Our dog on the other hand has been trained to “steal” my yarn while I am knitting. That’s fun! :doh: