My cat got loose updated he's home

tonight. I am so worried about him. He’s an indoor only cat and it’s below freezing out there. I have just spent the last 45 minutes out looking and calling for him . I opened the garage door for him but I have no idea where on earth he ran. I really hope he decides to come back soon. He has never done this before. I know I am rambling. I am going to grab his treat bag and the flashlight again and see if maybe he will come home. I just really needed to vent

Hang in there… been there… Leave a light on… and a door open. I’ll think good thought for you…

Oh no!!! I hope he will be back to you and will be just fine!!

Did you find him?

I hope you found him… if he isn’t used to being outside good chance he is near by but hiding…to afraid to come out… I hope you find him soon :hug:

My thoughts are with you too! I’d be so worried and frantic as well. Someone recently had the same problem here on KH, and her cat came home about 2 days later. Your cat isn’t probably that far; someone said to leave a door open and I remember someone else saying that you should make sure your normal house sounds can be heard so he can recognize them.

Good luck, keep us up to date!

Our indoor kitties have gotten out in the past. Once one was out all night. He finally sauntered in like he had always been an indoor-outdoor kitty. What a goof. Hopefully your kitty has returned and all is well.

Aww, I hope he’s home now! If not, remember that kitties are very good at finding shelter, even if they’re not used to being outside. I’m sure he’s fine, and he’ll come home when he’s ready to venture out of his hiding place.

Thanks everyone! He’s home! About 7 this morning I got up and went to look for him. A few minutes later my neighbor came out to get his paper , I asked him if he had seen Joey. He asked me what he looked like since he had a new cat in his house this morning eating breakfast with his cats. Apparently my Joey found the kitty door and made himself right at home! My neighbor told me about midnight he was locking up the house and saw Joey walk in and curl up on a rug. He would have called but he wasn’t wearing a collar.
A few minutes ago I foundJoey’s collar with his id hanging from a bush in my back yard, it is one of those break away collars.

So he just wanted to have a sleep over with some buddies? I’m glad everything turned out alright

Holly! Yay!! I’m so happy your baby is home! I couldn’t bring myself to read the thread until I saw the update that he was back!:yay:

I’m so glad he’s back home and okay. Looks like he wanted a night out with the guys.

So the neighbor’s grass is always greener, huh? :teehee: I’m glad he’s ok! It’s a good thing your neighbor let him stay in his house! :hug:

I’m glad he’s home! :slight_smile: Funny that he decided to have a sleep-over. :slight_smile:

That’s actually pretty funny since it all turned out ok. I wonder if he met the other cats outside and just followed them inside the cat door? How else would he know it was there? Doesn’t sound like he was too worried about being away from home, what a stinker! :roflhard: Glad you, errr your neighbor found him. :cheering:

oh that kitty door thing is toooooo funny! I’m so glad he’s home and is none the worse for wear. and he’s so clever for breaking out of his collar too!!

:happydance: oh those are good news!! I am glad he is back!! and how nice of your neighbor!! I would have a break down if one of my two indoor only cats escape from my apartment!!! I hope that never happens to me. :teehee:

Oh, I’m so glad he’s safely back home. :cheering:

I’m so glad your kitty is home safe and sound. Thank goodness your neighbor had a kitty door where you cat could be safe!!

Yay! What wonderful news! Those kitties sure know how to make their momma’s worry!