My cat drowns mice-stuffed ones

thought I would give you cat people a chuckle… both of our cats Mulder and Itchy like to pretend that they are killing mice when they “drown” them in their water bowls. (The vet has confirmed this:roflhard: ) Thus, they haven’t had a stuffed mouse in a while because it’s gross to fish them out. Got one for free yesterday, and this is what happened to the poor mousey today

Oh my gosh! That’s hilarious! I don’t think my cat is that smart- she just disembowels her mice.

LOL! No doubt about it! Fortunately, they’re not bringing them to you for your approval!

Cats are just morbid little critters, aren’t they?:teehee:

My cat goes with us to the trailer in the spring. We have a “vacation trailer” up north. She does not go outside at home here, but up at the trailer she likes to go on her leash and sit on the front deck.

One day in the early spring last year, a mouse happened to find it’s way inside. I thought my poor pretty jet black cat was going to turn white. She actually HID behind ME!!! So much for the cat being the household protector!

The good news is, she does not drown her toy mice. She beats the hell out of them instead!

My cat is a wimpy cat , she’s afraid of everything that moves. All of her toys are cared for and aligned in precision by her. She has toys that she’s had since she was a baby because she refuses to “hurt” them, no biting, chewing or trying to tear them apart. :roflhard: Even lizards that get in the house just get stared at until one of us finds them and removes them. She thinks other animals are her friends and can’t understand why the squirrels outside the screened porch say such nasty things to her when she’s out there. :roflhard:
We fostered a little kitty a few years back and I gave him some of her toys. I had to replace the toys each day because that guy would tear 'em up.

Hey, is that What they are doing? Cause my “boy”(Baby Phat) he’s about 8 years old, takes socks (I gave him a basket full when he was a kitten) out every night (some times we see him carrying them) and lays them all over his food bowl…Every morning there are about 3 - 4 “sock” laying on his bowls…It is the most adorable thing, isn’t it??? But my vet has always been stumped on why he does it…Cheley

I got a kick out of the mousie in the water bowl!

Hmm…wonder if my crew is trying to tell me something? I though at first it was just a gift in my shoe, but maybe it was their way of sending the little guy to the gas chamber!

One of my cats does that, too - drows just about all of his toys, including those cardboard pull-tabs from food boxes. He’ll also play fetch with “drowned” toys.

LOL, years ago I had a Master Mouser…got her a toy mouse covered with real fur when we moved to town. She immediately pounced on it, ripped it apart, and was truly P!$$ED that there was just a wooden form underneath. Wouldn’t ‘speak’ to me for quite a bit!

Honestly, she did prefer to gather her own playthings. One of our neighbors in town almost never cut his grass, so she would just sit atop the fence til she spotted a mouse or rat deep in the weeds. Pure white and longhaired, she made an awesome sight launching herself into midair to drop on her prey from above.

:rofl: that is to cute…I usually end up with a few dead moles on my porch…the vet told me to take them and act proud…not to let them see me throw it off into the woods…well I have dh scoop it and gets rid of it for me…while I praise them :ick:

This is pretty much the reason cat #8 became a member of the indoor brigade. With 7 cats in the house already, we were going to let him be an outside kitty, but he was constantly making presents of my sweet chipmunk population. I couldnt’ take that!!

Cat #9? He was seen crossing the street one too many times!

We have a pond in our back garden and one year Buffy our cat brought in (very carefully) a baby frog she’d found out side her door. She plopped in water bowl and meowed at it for ages. I was nearly bursting with laughter at her. She’s normally quite viscous with her toys, her favorite is a little tin-foil ball that she and Mike play football with, or fetch. She’s good at that.

Thanks for all the kitty tidbits guys!:muah: I love hearing that my cats are not the only nutty ones out there!
Poor drowned mousey was saved and dried out today. He is back trying to evade the water bowl again. Muah muah ha ha!

LOL! no doubt about it!

I had a cat that “killed” everything she ate: she’d give it a quick hard shake to break it’s neck. Pretty funny when she’d “kill” a piece of cheese.

My parent’s cat “drowns” my dad’s rolled up socks in the toilet.

When I lived with them I used to hat waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom. Catching a glimps of something HUGE and black floating in the toilet in the middle of the night didn’t do good things for helping me get back to sleep.

She used to steal them from his drawer, take them down to the bathroom, bat/shake them a bit, then drop them in the toilet. Found 3 rolled sock balls “drowned” one morning.

The only thing our cat does with his water bowl is really move it all around the kitchen. He likes the swishy movement. Since we have a bowl with a large reservoir above, we’ve learned to only fill it 1/3rd full. Or wake up to an entirely soaked kitchen.

We did have a cat into drowning laundry. It didn’t matter what, but she had to have something in the water dish by morning.

We had a cat that would sit on top of our coffee maker all the time. One day we realized that it was because it was a Bunn and would heat the water. So we got into the habit of turning it off and she stopped.

Our current cat is particularly fond of pompoms. And Polly Pocket pieces. He’ll hunt them all night long. And when neither can be found he’ll wake us up. First he’ll try yowling… a nice loud shrill yowl in your ear. If that doesn’t work he sits on your head. If that doesn’t work… He pulls out the paws and claws.

I’m a heavy sleeper. And I close the children’s doors shut so that he doesn’t get them.

Oh and his favourite colour to hunt is lime green.

Our cat is so greedy that if he drops a cat biscuit into his water bowl when eating, he’ll either drink all his water really quickly to get it, or fish it out with his paw, but he doesn’t do this often as it involves getting wet paws. This is also why our goldfish are safe - scaring them so they swim around and around is amusing, but actually catching them requires wet paws.

I love all these cat stories They really are the funnies creatures aren’t they My cat Joey loves to line his toys up. He also segregates them. All mice toys go in one row, all ball type tows in another. Joey’s favorite toy is a stuffed mouse I got at Ikea. He carries that thing around yowling for the world to hear that he has killed it. He stops yowling when I tell him he has done a good job. His sister Sierra is not so big on the cat toys but loves my felted clogs and tries to wrestle them. I’m not sure what they did to her but they get a serious butt whipping almost every day.