My Cast on's get knotty?

I use the long tail cast on for pretty much whatever I’m trying to start. But I notice that I seem to get a knot or two (or 5) in there that doesn’t belong. I was under the impression that when done correctly, the cast on is supposed to look like a braid…

Mine does…but in places it loops or knots up and looks weird - and often creates a very loose stitch that I then have to work to tighten on the next row.

What gives knitting gurus?

I bet it’s hard to tell with my description. I wish I could find my pic uploading thing so I could show you…

DRAT! :wall:

it sounds to me like the stitches are getting twisted when you are looping around. i bet if you slowed down when casting on it would take care of the problem. Also maybe pulling it a bit tighter. You may have to cast on with a bigger needle to make sure your cast on doesn’t get too tight if you do that but it could just be a situation of the work not getting pulled tight enough?

Yup, I think it’s all in taking your time. It’s easy to get caught up in the rhythm and then finding a wonky stitch somewhere in the middle. Just keep an eye on what you’re doing so if one pops up that’s wrong you can try that one again.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: