My Brand-New Stitch Markers!

I made these stitch markers a couple days ago. I used the circle end of a toggle clasp and put beads on them, I made 5 of the smaller ones(up to size US10 needles) and 3 larger ones, which fit needles up to about size 15 I think!

Here is a picture of one of the larger stitch markers I made! I have one in orange, green and blue.

those are very pretty :heart: I was at Michaels the other day and was thinking about stitch markers, but I have no experience with jewelry or beading so I was looooooosssst in that department :out: and felt silly so I left. I didn’t see anything that would make pretty circles to put beads on, and how to put the beads on, etc… :passedout: very nice job!

oo very pretty… like my favorite saying…i was going ot take over the world but i get destracted my something sparkally :slight_smile: :flirt:

Those look pretty cool! I wouldn’t mind having a few of those myself.

Until I got to this forum, I had no clue that stitch markers could be so beautiful!

I’d make it a point to leave the occasional one in my work if I had such pretty things in my knitting collection of tools!

yahooo there well pritty i want one! or 10 or more… ok i want lots hows that? -note to self steal when no ones looking-

I love those! I am very impressed. I am definately going to make some for myself and for my aunt(who got me started knitting again) and my cousin (who answers all my knitty questions).

Wooooo I love these!:slight_smile:
I should make one of these sometime, too! (I’m into jewelry crafts, etc. etc. :teehee: )

Very pretty and as was said earlier, I’d be tempted to just leave them in my fabric.

Note to self-must take beading lessons.

Those turned out great! I’ve been thinking for a long time to make some for myself and guess it’s high time I did. :smiley:

Those are pretty. I made one stitch marker before. It turned out really pretty but I decided it was too heavy and never made any others. :teehee:

Very nice