My brand new KP Options came apart :(

I am sooo bummed! My 4 day old KP Options came apart. I didn’t do anything crazy to them :shrug: I am knitting Silver’s Palindrome and the cable just pulled right out of the metal twist on piece that connects to the needle.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? I’m going to contact KPs, but I’m just wondering if I got a bad cable or is this something that happens?

I did try to slip the cable back into the metal piece, but it will not go in all the way…


Thanks for listening to me whine…


that’s not fun =(
I never used them but I only hear good things about them…hopefully it was just a defective one.

How frustrating! I have not had that happen. I hope it is just an aberration.

That happened to me once, too. I was yanking and it popped out. I just wrangled and shoved it back in, and went on knitting. I can’t even remember which cord it was, but I haven’t had any problems with it or any other since. I probably could have put a dab of glue in there just to be sure, but it seems to be working fine without it.

The customer service at KnitPicks is very good, they’ll probably send you a new cord free of charge. :slight_smile:

They do have great customer service. The metal coating on one of mine started to peel and another one felt a little rough - they sent me replacements right away and told me to throw the “defective” ones away.

Thanks everyone for being so kind. I guess my initial post is a bit dramatic. I was a bit frustrated/shocked/mad that this happened (so soon) after getting them.

Oh well. Sock knitting tonight it is :slight_smile:

(Like I really needed an excuse!)

I probably could have put a dab of glue in there just to be sure, but it seems to be working fine without it.

I’m thinking if I can get it back in there a dab of superglue will help hold it. Cant hurt :slight_smile:



They do have great customer service.

Awesome! This makes me feel so much better :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother trying to fix myself, the knitpicks customer service is so awesome, just call or email them. I have never had anything but awesome service from them!

that happened to me recently, although in knitpicks’ defense, i tugged a little too hard on the cord, i think. i called customer service that day, and they sent me not one, but two new cords which i received within a week’s time.

Maybe while you’re waiting, you could superglue the cord back on? I think I read about someone doing this once.

I’m sorry that happened to you! It happened to me… twice. Both times I called KP and they sent me replacement cords at no charge. I don’t know if I was being hard on them or not, though. Just call KP and they will fix it! :slight_smile:

I’m working on a shawl with KP Options and the needles keep getting loose and the yarn sticks in it. I love how smooth they are but I’m not real happy with fishing stuck yarn out of the screw every few minutes. :wall:

Are you using the little lever thing that comes with the needles to tighten the cord when you attach it? That almost always keeps it from coming undone for me, unless it’s a very long-term project (my mystery stole).

I woud definatley call them to replace it,they will ship it right away and it is good for thrm to know when things like that happen.

I agree. Make sure that you use the little thing as a lever, not twist it around in the hole. Someone I know did that for a few days before realizing that there are no threads on the little thingy so twisting it around in the hole does nothing. Just pull it toward you while you twist the needle away from you.

ditto the key. use it as a lever to tighten your join.

did you get 2 cables in that package? you could use the other one while you wait for your replacement cables to arrive. i’m sure they will replace them right away. their cs is great.

i once ordered a downloadable pattern from them and when i got into my first sleeve, there was a glaring error in the gauge and their measurements. i called and they put the design team on it right away. turned out, the pattern was irreversibly flawed at that point and they completely rewrote the whole pattern and contacted anyone who had purchased it with the replacement download. can’t get much better than that!

that happened to me too, but a little superglue and a pinch of the metal part with a plier and it’s working fine. The sg kind of plugged up the hole for tightining but I was able to work a needle thru it nd now it is good as new,

I’m sorry! That happened to me once, I emailed them and they sent me new cables right away!

Yeah, it seems to be a bit of a problem with the cables. I’ve had it happen twice and both times they sent replacements out quickly.

It’s only happened once to me, but DH fixed it right up with a dab of superglue. If he or I can fix them, I don’t see a need to call customer service. :shrug:

I hope you can get back to knitting Palindrome soon! :inlove:

I tried to fix mine with superglue but i used too much and then it was just a mess. LOL