My Branching Out was attacked on Saturday night. :(/UPDATE!

We had a huge bbq on Sat night to welcome dh home from his deployment. There were about 8 kids here ranging from 16 mos to 8 years. I put my knitting basket in a closet up high, thinking it would be too high for the kids to reach. At about 10 one of my friends ran up to me with my Branching Out scarf in her hands - I’m about 8 rounds away from finishing it. She said her 16 mo son had it and she took it from him. I didn’t really think too much about it - just checked to make sure no holes and that all the sts were still on the needle.

Then yesterday morning I grabbed out my basket to put it where it goes. When I looked in the basket, I found these teeny-tiny little pieces of thread stuffed under another WIP. It took a while for me to figure it out, but I finally realized it was my yarn for the Branching Out!!! Someone had taken it and snapped over a yard of the yarn into 1-2 inch pieces. I went back and looked at the scarf and realized that they broke it off from there about 1/8 inch from the last sts. I’ll have to frog it back some. The big problem is that I had just finished a round so I’d pulled the last lifeline out, but hadn’t re-inserted a new one.

I’m so depressed!! :waah:

Oh sweetie… :hug:

Too bad you didn’t find it earlier, I hear kids go great on the grill! :teehee:


Oh no! :frowning:

I hope you can fix it!

I think what’s worse than having your work ruined is the fact that somebody’s kids felt they had the right to go through your closet and mess with stuff that was obviously not theirs. Creepy.

That’s horrible. I would be so :grrr:

:hug: You poor thing!! It sounds like someone is raising a little psychopath.

Nadja xxx

PS. Congrats on the return of your DH!!! :balloons:

awww, that’s such a bummer!

Oh, no! I’m so sorry!! I hope you can repair it with little hassle. How very wrong of whoever did that to think they could go through your things like that. :frowning:

Glad to hear your husband is back safe and sound!

That stinks about your project. Little kids love to wreak havoc sometimes, don’t they?

Mm creepy? I’m not so sure, curious kids etc… not that that makes it right! I’d be mad as hell if it were mine!

Oh wow! I’d be having me a COW! (HUGS)

I fixed it!! It was a bit harder than I thought because there were 2 sts missing from my needle. I found them and only had to frog out 3 rows to get to them. The changing of the yarn looks wretched, but I’m hoping I can fix that when I weave in.

Good. I’m glad you didn’t have to frog too much.


:cheering: :cheering:

:woot: :cheering:

Nadja xxx

eek! i just saw this. i was all upset but just got to the part where you were able to fix it. YAY!!! sorry you had to deal with this, but so happy you got it all together!