My boyfriend

I have the flu and I have been feeling like crap for several days. I’ve been knitting a lot and today my boyfriend came over to be with me and i taught him how to knit.

Cute huh? He is a good solace in my misery.

That’s wonderful! :yay:

Hope you feel better soon!

How sweet!

My boyfriend doesn’t like it if I knit when he comes round, I don’t think he likes the competition! I don’t think he’d have the patience for knitting himself, he’d get annoyed and stop if it didn’t work the way he wanted it to.

Oh, he is cute. And I totally am not hitting on your BF!

Aww How sweet! He sounds like a keeper! :slight_smile:

Definitely a keeper! (Especially since the lovely kitty in the background seems to be so comfortable around him–always an excellent sign.)

Ohhh…I didn’t even see the kitty at first…how adorable! I think it’s great you’ll have a BF to knit with. (I can’t imagine my DH trying to knit :roflhard: )

That is so cool! I love that he had enough interest to learn. Wish my husband would do that! I’d love to teach him to knit.

You’re boyfriend is adorable :slight_smile:

Yeah, he’s pretty good. He learned quick and in two days made two matching armwarmer/cuff things. he says he loves them because they give him pdding when he is on the computer typing or using the mouse.

And yes, that’s Boo in the background. We call him Aslan because when he isn’t sprawled on the ottoman he looks quite like a lion.

Good for him and look at that cute little kitty in the background!

:happydance: That’s wonderful!! Pretty kitty!!

I hope you feel better soon :hug:

Too funny!! My dh is phobic to it. I have carpal tunnel and my wrist hurts really bad when I cast on. I asked dh to cast on for me and he about had a cow…grumble grumble grumble. He finally relented and learned…he cast on about 20 stitches and grumbled the whole time so finally I just took it from him and finished. Now whenever I knit he says I am casting on LOL>

maybe you all can have a knit a long :teehee:

My GF loves that i can knit i even got her back into doing it. now im not real good an fast but i get the job done LOL

does he pick up after himself, wash dishes, and grocery shop, too?

He’s a cutie and a keeper! Sorry that you had the flu and hope you feel better in no time.

Sorry you’re not feeling well! Hope you’re better now-and your BF is cute!! And how cool that you taught him to knit! :thumbsup:

Lol…my boyfrend just rolls his eyes when he sees I’m knitting…yet AGAIN! How cute…

That picture is priceless!!!

My bf hasn’t gone that far to learn how to knit himself, but he’s very supportive!! He offers his arms to help me wind up skeins into balls, he reads to me while I knit, has gone with me to the LYS (with no complaints or “are you done yet” looks) – and yes, helps picking up around the house, helps with cooking, washing dishes, and always goes with me for groceries.

And best of all, he wears everything I knit for him. =]

We are lucky girls! Three cheers for great boyfriends!

Thats so sweet! Awww