My boyfriend last night

So, my boyfriend last night asked me to teach him how to knit. He got the hang of casting on and learned how to do the knit stitch. I told him he would have to practice to learn how to get his stitches even. By the time he was ready to be done he said he had a lot more appreciation for what I can do and the things I can make. What a wonderful guy :slight_smile: I think every person who knits should try and teach the person they are with how to knit.

That’s just awesome! I wish I could do that to my boss, but he just makes fun of me for knitting because it’s so ‘girly’ in his opinion. :grrr:

But it’s good to know that you’re spreading the word of knitting (dear lord, I just had the sudden image of knitters walking around dressed as Mormons and trying to convert people to knitting :roflhard: ), and I’m glad he enjoys it.

my boyfriend knows how to cast on, and he wants me to teach him to knit in time. we just need to find a weekend to sit down and get him started. i guess though because i’m just learning too, i should practice my skills before teaching him :teehee:

maybe you both could work on a small project together! :happydance:

Way to go, Girls! :happydance: Spread the knit! (that’s sound bad-- :teehee: ) And River, Girly??? Knitting is Girly??? :doh: Nah, just tell him that anicent fishermen knitted to make their nets so you just carrying on the work of your forefathers! Who knows maybe his Great Grandpa was a knitter and he just didn’t know it! :teehee:

You know the whole knitting is “girly” thing I have experienced some of that myself but kinda in reverse. I was trying to teach my nephew how to knit b/c I am constantly doing it around him and he wanted to learn… I said no problem… well I was teaching him over my brother (his dad’s) house and he started making comments about how it was "girly’, sissy, prissy and stupid… well after a few minutes of it we went to the dining room table to get out of eye and earshot of his dad … well the comments just followed us there…
He did give it a couple of tries before he gave up. :shrug: i still think alot of has to do with his dad’s comments but I told him if he wants to learn later I will teach him~!

BTW: if we had a terrible disaster guess who WOULDNT’ be running around this world naked~!! all us “girly” knitters would need was some twine and two sticks and we got clothes~!! :cheering: :happydance:

Non-knitters can only hope to runaround in a sheet~!! :teehee: :rofl:

LMAO, I’m Mormon and that comment cracked me up! :smiley:

Hopefully he sticks with it unlike my hubby. He learned to cast on, knit and purl then stopped because he just wanted to see how it works!

Just show your boss a picture of our own big, burly truck driver, Mason, then see if he thinks it is “girly.” Bet Mason would have a thing or two to say about that himself, too!



That’s great that you have someone willing to learn. I tried to get my sister into knitting a while back, but she gave up after only a few tries, and because crochet is “so much better”! At least I got her needles and some unused yarn!