My Border is Wavy - progress report

I have knitted the Debbie Bliss alphabet blanket. It has a nice border all the way around. The top and bottom borders turned out fine, they seem to fit, it’s just a continuation of the same number of stitches I’ve been working.

Here’s the trouble. I had to pick up and knit stitches along the side. The instructions were to pick up 227 stitches spaced over 258 rows of work. I finished 1 side of this border, and it was obviously too many stitches to have picked up. I intend to re-do it, and I’m wondering how many stitches I should pick up. I have to reduce by multiples of 8 stitches. If anyone has experience or an opinion on this point, I’d love to hear it.

PS my yarn is worsted weight, needle size 5 is what I’ve used.

Generally, you pick up 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 5 stitches when you pick up along an edge like that. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but a lot depends on the looseness of the stitches. Worsted on size 5 is pretty tight, so I think I’d go with 4 out of 5, adjustable to get you to a multiple of 8.

Thanks, Ingrid. I did it on the smaller needles so that the YO’s which make the design wouldn’t be too sloppy. It turned out really nicely from that aspect. I’ll try the 4 to 5 ratio.

I did the other side border using the ration of 4 to 5 picked up stitches. It made it less wavy, but I could have reduced it further. I have decided it’s still really nice, and I won’t be un-doing it for this problem. I wish there had been a way of knowing before that the ratio wasn’t right. I imagine it has to do with lots of variables like my knitting tightness, the yarn choice, and the needle size. I will post a picture soon. I’m very proud of this project.