My Boogapack

I knew it would catch your attention! lol This is a combination of a booga bag and the child’s backpack on Knitty called Ayla that I made bigger for a woman. I also made only one handle instead of two as I like it better for a grown up. I used Knickpicks Wool of the Andes double stranded on 10.5’s in Cardinal Twist and Red.

It was a fun knit except boring to knit the dang handle! A friend asked me to make a bag for her 22 year old dd and this is what I came up with. I just finished felting so it isn’t really put together, just “faked.” On top of that, though I valiantly tried to keep them open during felting process, the holes tried to close up so I went ahead and just threaded the wet cord through to keep them open and when I finished, they ended up inside instead of outside so that is why the cord looks funny. When it is completely dry, I will rethread it correctly.

I really like that! Very nice.

Looks great. Love the red.

Very creative! It looks great!

Fabulous and I love the colour x


What a bright, happy color! GREAT job!

On the next one ya’ll make, try threading a piece of cotton yarn or acrylic through the holes to keep em open.
This one sure is perty though!!!

Love it! It really looks great. LOVE Wool Of The Andes.

Great Idea, thanks a lot, I will keep it in mind!!!

Great bag…I like the one strap idea!

It’s fabulous! I’m sure she’ll love it! (If she doesn’t you can send it my way! LOL)

:yay: Great job!! I love the colors

oooh, I love it!! Very pretty!

:poke: I just may have to steal the idea. And those gorgeous colors!:muah:

I just may have to steal the idea. And those gorgeous colors!

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I may have to also. What a great bag!

Next time, try finding gromets the size you think the straps will be and put those in part way through the drying process, it’ll keep the holes from closing, according to my LYS owner. Sounds logical to me, but I haven’t tried it.

WOW! I just love this boogapack! Great color combo, too!

Looks awesome!

I absolutely LOVE the bagpack! Great idea!!

i really love it! very very cool looking!