MY booga bag

This sucker took forever to dry for some reason. It turned out shorter than expected, but I still love it. My daughter has her eye on it though… I used Noro Kuryeon #92.

Very nice! Gotta make one of those someday.

Love your PotterPal avitar.

Thanks and Thanks!:rofl:

Love the colors

very pretty!! I still haven’t made this for myself…it keeps getting pushed down on the list :teehee:

LOVE the color wave

Beautiful! Love the colors!! I still haven’t made one yet either … sigh, one day.

Wow, love the colors! What a great bag!

very pretty!!! Now there is another thing I want to make… sigh…

I wonder how long I’m going to live? :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! Another lovely booga!

Lovely colour

I love it! :thumbsup: I have yet to make a BOOGA BAG…but it is on my list for 2008! I just love it! And your color choice is FAB!

Yeah, felted stuff takes a century to dry.

Thanks for taking time to share photos with us! :happydance:

Looks great! I love the colors!

Looks great! I’m working on my first Booga now. My daughter keeps saying it is her bag…

ah~My daughter officially claimed my booga as her own. She really loves it. Oh well, it’s worth it to see her happy smiling face.

Very nice! :yay::yay: I also love your color choice :heart:. I have the pattern,yarn. I just need to find time to make for myself.

Very nice!! Ya gotta LOVE the Booga Bag!:heart:

I LUV the colors of the yarn…:woot: