My BlueBonnet Babies for February

It’s the Neopolitan Set (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) plus some booties/hat; some spring colored hats and a burial bunting.

These all go to local hospitals.

Nice work and such a worthy cause!!!

Beautiful work!

It’s so wonderful that you give of yourself so much for such a great cause.

They all look terrific. There will be lots of thankful families being given your gifts.

They are beautiful, Rosemary. A lot of Mom’s and Dad’s will be grateful…


Awwww … so sweet!!! What a wonderful thing to do!

Lovely work as always my friend and all for a wonderful cause :slight_smile:

Wonderful work from a wonderful heart and a truly generous knitter! I applaud you.

Those are great. And what a good charity.:thumbsup:

Very cute and sure to be much appreciated!

They look great!! :hug: