My Blog Mentioned on a Podcast :oD

This is exciting for a knitting blogger, and since DH and my mom wouldn’t give a hoot about it, I’m telling YOU guys ;)…because I know YOU understand :wink:

Last episode (episode 4) of Bark 'n Knit mentioned my Dog Days of Knitting Blog…what a hoot!!! If you’re a dog lover or animal lover in general you gotta check it out.

The Ravelry group link for Barknknit is

:woot: That’s wonderful!!:woot:


:woohoo: Wow! That’s great!

woohoo That’s so fun! Congrats :woot:

So another KH’er is famous. That is really cool. Congrats!


How exciting! :cheering:

Congratulations! That is mad crazy cool!!

That’s awesome! Congrats!!!