My blanket doesn't look wide enough

I’m knitting a baby blanket that’s supposed to be 30"x30" and done on size 7 needles. I only had size 6, so I decided to add one more cable to the pattern and cast on my stitches accordingly (pattern says cast on 120, I cast on 137). But as I’m working on it it doesn’t look wide enough. Is this normal while it’s still on the needles? It only looks about 2 feet wide right now, although when I stretch the free end it does look wider.

I hope that makes sense!

It may loosen up when you’re done and wash or block it. Do another 6 inches or so, and put it on scrap yarn so you can spread it out. Cables tend to draw in the width.

So hard to judge size on the needles, definitely take it off to measure accurately.

I recently looked at baby blanket patterns, finished sizes ranged from 26 to 48 inches on the longer side.

Cables are kind of like ribbing so they do pull it in. You had the right idea of adding one more. If it ends up too narrow you could do a border, too.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I went ahead and took it off the needles and stretched it gently, and it’s actually just the right width. I guess when it’s on the needles it can be deceiving!