My Biggest Challenge!


I like to consider myself an advanced knitter at this point. I have tried a lot of techniques that are off the page…

but for the life of me…I am struggling with the tension issue on the two handed stranded method.

I know it takes time and patients…but I am not a left handed knitter (or picker) and I get wonky stitches…

I know with time, and practice, this will get better…(I have the technique nailed…just need the tension)

What is your biggest challenge?

Wot, like, just one?! :slight_smile:

I was told that I could not, was not allowed, to call myself a beginning knitter. That was about a month after I started knitting. I think this is unfair. Just because I’m good at fiber stuff doesn’t mean I know all the things I want to know about knitting!

So maybe my biggest challenge is figuring out the one challenge that I need to work on before all the other challenges. :slight_smile:


That is a good one…

I think it is silly to say you are not allowed to call yourself a beginner…like with any new thing one is learning…just like you wouldn’t tackle a really complicated pastry when you are just learning to bake, it would not be wise to tackle an intricate lace scarf when you are just learning the basics.

I guess that is to say that without being able to acknowledge your skill level, it would be near impossible to find what to take on next.

It also allows one to set goals. “I am going to learn to rib stitch so I can make a pair of socks” or “I need to learn a yarn over to tackle that lace”…

It comes as a double edged sword though I guess…we knitters are our own worst critics!

Part of the problem is that I’ve been machine knitting for years, and then crocheting most of my almost-50 years, as well as other fibery kind of things all that time as well. So I didn’t have too much problem with taking up knitting.* Maybe my next thing is getting the design thing squared away, because that’s turning into a real challenge to get done. (As is made obvious by the fact it’s now after 5 am here!)

But a really complicated lace something would be nice. I’ve stuck to mainly simple lace so far. And I still haven’t made socks. And right now I’m hip deep in Christmas present knitting as well!

ETA: * Well, so long as you don’t count frogging a lot. A LOT.