My big yarn purchase

:happydance: Yesterday I bought $200.00 worth of yarn.I got Lornas Laces Sheherd sock yarn,2 skeins, Plymouth Suri Merino, 12 balls of Gray,Lang Yarns Mille Colori # 986,13 balls. I am so happy and hope to find time to start something… :happydance: I am working on my 1st sock,felted purse, afghan now…Pics of new yarns are in my blog.

Holy Moly!!!

Gooshness, you know how to shop for yarn :teehee:

:eyebrow: This is my first BIG buy. I just finally decided to go for it…It felt so good to buy some really beautiful yarn.I usually buy from Knit Picks,but I went to a great yarn store out of town and had to grab some of the beauty I saw and felt :teehee: .Its so hard to leave it behind since we dont have a yarn shop where I live…Sissy

pictures? :nails:

Yes, yes, pictures please!!!

Sounds like so much fun to go yarn shopping and splurge a little. :happydance:

Whoa! I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on yarn in one shopping trip! So…where are those pictures? :teehee:

The picks are in my blog… :cheering:

Wow, that’s awesome! Good for you for treating yourself :slight_smile:

:cheering: WTG :cheering:
Ahhh, that sounds like the yarn shopping that I do when Lonnie takes me surprise shopping :wink:

I read that as 98,613 balls of yarn. :roflhard: Yikes! LOL I wanna see pictures!!!

:teehee: Yarnfreak,
I f I had come home with that many skeins,I would have to run for cover :teehee: My hubby loves me, but I have never done anything that crazy… :teehee: AmyC

I would hope not! Could you even put that in the car? :oo: