My Big Score

I’m so happy!! My husband and I took a road trip to the Dallas area last weekend. Of course this always includes a trip to Plano, to my favorite LYS of all time, The Woolie Ewe. I had saved up some money in anticipation for this very day.
DH dropped me off and headed to do his own thing (whatever guy shopping entails). I looked around at all the lovely yarns, but I have so much in my stash that I just couldn’t justify another yarn purchase. Then I looked over at the counter, and there they were. The Addi Clicks. No! I said. I already have three sets of KP options, a set of Denise, and a brand new set of Hiya Hiyas, along with numerous fixed circs and DPN’s. I do not need more needles. Turned and walked toward the books, the magazines, the Debbie Bliss area, but no matter where I went, the Addi Clicks beckoned. No! I repeated, and went over to the sock yarn, and was browsing, when I heard it. A fellow WE shopper, discussing the Addi Click set with another (her mother, I assumed, from thier conversation). Then, as if that weren’t enough, Sue, opens up a box, so we could see them. Ok, so I’ll just go over and have a look. Ok, these are pretty great. Just then my husband returns to pick me up. Oh the relief. No more temptation, right? Wrong! “what are ya looking at?” my wonderful husband asks. So I, show him. “Oh, cool, a case.” says DH (my husband will buy almost anything if they put it in a cool case). “Do ya want a set of those?” Well, of course, but I’ll just think about it for my next visit. They’re on sale today, Sue informs me. Well that did it. My battle was over, and I’d lost. Well, maybe not. I am a proud owner of a shiney new Addi Clicks set, after all. :slight_smile:

Congrats on a great score. I am still using my donated/scrounged/inherited needles and for now they work. One of these days I will get a set of “good” needles.

Nothing wrong with inherited needles. They knit just as well as any others.
I really only did this because I’d saved my own money for two months especially for this trip. I’d have never spent the household bill money for such an extravigance.

Then you’re a much stronger woman than I am! Hmmmm Plano is an hour and a half north… ROADTRIP!

Good score!

I love the knitpicks Options! I can’t wait to get some money so I can buy the Harmonies so I can try to do magic loop. Plus the Harmonies are just SOOO pretty! Congratulations on your cool new needles!

Is there really any difference between expensive needles and the ones I buy at A.C.Moore?

Good for you! :cheering: So happy for you! Yay! :woohoo:

Congratulations. Living in the middle of nowhere, as I do, I have neer seen these needles so am filling in gaps with my imagination! Did your husband make a contribution??

Actually, he wanted to buy them for me for Valentine’s day, but I wanted to pay for them myself. It eased the guilt I was feeling for spending so much money on something I didn’t need.

Some of the more expensive needles grip the yarn better/differently (or slide the yarn better/differently). The Addi turbo/addi click needles are among the best metal needles out there, in my opinion. The inexpensive ones knit just as nicely and you get just as nice of a finished product no matter which ones you use, but the Addis are a treat to work with. It’s like the difference between chocolate pudding and chocolate mousse. :slight_smile: Both chocolate, both good, but the chocolate mousse is richer and creamier and basically to die for.

And I’m frustrated with them. On my circulars, there is too much stiffness to the “flexible” part and they curl too much. Even after loads of use over several years, they still curl too much. I soaked them in hot water and hung them with a clamp and weight on the dangling end, but it did no good. I used a hot hair dryer on them, and it was going to do it, but the cord started looking warped instead of just more flexible. So when it comes to circulars, I’d say this is something to look for.

The result of this is I really dislike any “2 circular” type of knitting, such as socks, or anything else knitted in the round on circulars. Mine are curled so tightly that even though I pay close attention, I often grab the wrong end of a needle and then have to slip them back to the correct one after having knitted a row.

So I use mostly DP needles for any type of work in the round. On those, cheap is fine,and I actually prefer the cheap plastic ones at Hobby Lobby for all but the very slippery yarns.

Years ago when I knitted lace on size 0000 to 0, I did invest in really good needles from Laci’s and I’ve never regretted that.