My big accomplishment

Last night I worked a little on socks but my main accomplishment was to finish a sweater that my mother was knitting for me when she passed away 17 years ago. I had pulled it out several times but just never got to actually work on it. The yarn is not something I would ever buy these days, but it is very soft and I decided that just wearing it at home in the evenings when I feel chilly would be like a hug from my mother. Suddenly getting sentimental in old age! Not to mention that it really isn’t big enough now. I didn’t bother with buttonholes as I could not do it up if I wanted to but I am so glad that I finally completed it.

That’s so great Sue! It must feel great to finish something that was started for you with your mother’s love.
I have a bed jacket that my grandmother knit for my mother when she was pregnant. My grandmother died a week after I was born, and I wear the bedjacket in her memory. It’s like my proof that I come from generations of knitters.

Oh Sue that is such a wonderful tribute to your mother. I have a few things I do that with as well. I have an afghan my mother crocheted for me that gives me a hug now and then, and I have a pair of blanket material pj’s my mother got me the Christmas before she died. I put those on when I really need a hug!

It is wonderful that you were able to finish the sweater and I hope you wear it in very good health, because that is what your mother would wish for you if she were here today!

What a pretty, soft sweater. You and your mother did a great job on it!!!

I just love the color, Susan and what a wonderful tribute to your Mom. So glad you got to finish it. Mary

It’s a gorgeous color! I think it’s a lovely sweater and sentiment!

I still love the colour, just the fuzzy type yarn not so much. I think there is enough yarn left to make a scarf which will be quite pretty.

Congratulations on finishing your mom’s project! It looks like a great “Hug”!

That is such a lovely story and i am so glad that you managed to finish something your DM had not finished for you.
I like it :slight_smile: :muah:

That’s really great! I love the color too, and it looks really snuggly. Just like a loving hug!

What a wonderful allegory of the interconnectedness of your lives… part of her work in raising you to be the woman you are is “being finished” in all the acts of love and kindness that you are doing. She reaches through time to love you in the sweater and love others through you.

You are so lucky to have that lovely cardigan. My mum died just before Christmas and right now I would love a big hug from her x

How sweet…what a wonderful way to remember her!

:hug: It looks wonderful!!

Oh that is so true! And you can bet…your momma is hugging you everytime you wear this sweater!

BTW, I really like it, and I would cozy up in it every evening! I might even wear it to bed on chilly night!

Thanks so much for sharing your personal story with us! It touches my heart! :heart:

My own momma passed away 30 yrs ago, at the tender age of 46.

Sue, it’s so sweet that she made that for you, and you still have it.

Congratulations on finishing it! I’m sure your Mum would be so happy. It looks so cozy. Enjoy wearing it!

Sue, congrats! i agreee with everyone else, and the color is very pretty. I hope i will be able to leave such petty things for my daughter.:grphug:

now, that just brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad you finished it and I love the color she picked for you. That is something to really treasure:hug:


Oh goodness, I have misty eyes and a lump in my throat! That is such a sweet story. It is a beautiful sweater and it is wonderful that you have something so personal from your mother.