My best friend gave me a whack of yarn

My best friend/enabler gave me a pile o’ yarn yesterday:

:woot: :yay: :cheering:

I need to get more friends like yours!!!

Great start to a stash! Just make sure if you wind that hank that’s twisted, you do it over the back of a chair or get someone to hold it for you while you wind it into a ball. If you don’t, you’ll have a mess. I’d hate for you to mess up that nice hank…looks like enough for a nice scarf or hat.

How to wind for centre ball?

There’s a video here…look under free videos, tips…scroll down and you’ll find it.

pretty stuff!!! what a great friend!


what i do to wind hanks into balls (i cheat, i have a ball winder! best purchase i’ve ever made!) is to set one of my smaller plastic bins on the floor and the hank around it in a big “O” shape… prevents it from getting tangled (i tried the back of the chair, kept snagging… tried having my son hold it and had the same issue) The only issue I have is that I need to make sure the door to my craft room is closed when i do this because I have a cat that likes to pounce the yarn, another that likes to sleep on it and a third that tries to grab the strand with her paw and pull it to her nose to smell (yes, she’s an odd one!)

I would suggest a ball winder and swift anyway, if you plan on having more hanks, and you never know how many of these you’ll get.
In the beginning, winding the balls is fine, but later, it becomes tedious, especially with very thin yarn. Takes a long time, and your fingers become stiff and itchy and hurt.

Apart from this, I agree with the above comments.
-I need more friends like yours
-The hank looks beautiful. I wonder what you’ll make of it.

As for handwinding it, I have seen another technique than the one presented on this page, which I have used.
(Maybe that’s why my fingers got stiff all the time…)

Bought a winder from KnitPicks, thanks guys!