My Beautious stitch markers from Foldedbird!

Aren’t they wonderful! Thank you Denise!!!

Cuuuuuute. Where did you get this idea from? Oh and… about stitch markers… how do you put them into your knitting if they don’t clasp or anything? I’ve been trying to figure that out… :rollseyes:

Kome, you slip the stitch markers onto your right needle between stitches. The marker then slides along the needle. When you come around to it again, you just slip the marker and keep knitting!

Ohhhhhhhhh. I get it now. I thought you needed them for each row. HAHA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh these were not my clever idea - they came from Denise! Foldedbird! They are wonderful!!!

Bumping to the top - ladies, and gentlemen too :doh: if you are looking for a great gift for a knitting buddy…these are perfect.

Mine too! Thanks Denise![size=6][/size][size=7][/size]

I got mine today too! :inlove: It will be hard to give any as gifts–maybe I’ll give one away. One marker.

Where on earth do you get these and what exactly do you use them for? Decoration? And, do you just use one on a scarf end or like, on the ends of a poncho or what? My imagination escapes me…anyone have a pic w/them on their finished project of WIP?

snort :roflhard: Too funny!


You use them like regular stitch markers–put them on your needle to keep track of where you are in the row. You can buy little plastic rings, or tie a piece of yarn around, but these are so pretty! Here’s an example:

Wow…first, that was an incredibly fast reply. 2nd, so you use them b/c they are pretty and not for decorating the scarf? And then, you use them to help you keep track of how may stiches you have done if you are doing something specific? like knitting 30 and pearling like, 50…'cept in a row? I’m a beginner, if you couldnt tell. Thank you soooooo much for your help!

They’re intended purpose is to keep them on the needle to keep track of stitches, but they certainly would look pretty on the ends as a finishing touch. :thinking: I usually lose all my stitch markers within minutes of sitting down. Maybe I’ll hang them from a light shade–pretty, huh!

Yeah, see! That’s what I orginally thought! Deocrative - I think I might add them to a child’s poncho (the one that is posted somewhere on this site) and see how that flies. I get the intended use - even though I think it is a bit overboard and couldn’t really see using them for that purpose quite yet but we could go hog wild with the other decorative options!!! Thank you so much for your help!

Where can we get these? Link please?

Our own dear, sweet Denise aka foldedbird makes them!

Is that the price? $14.95 for 5?

They are beautiful!

Just need to gather my pennies…

I got them during her ‘sale’, but you can email her if you have any questions, I’m sure.

Thank you!

I decided to keep the beeeeutiful marker on my needles for the hat I’m knitting and my daughter said, “Why do you have a charm hanging from the hat? I thought it was for Will.”

Pretty enough to be mistaken for decoration. :heart: